What Is In A Name??? #FuturePlans

Every so often I like to share my future plans for my blog. As there is now less than 20 weeks left of 2017 I thought now would be a good time to do this.

***Important Notice ***

I am changing the name of my Blog. From October it will no longer be called “What is hoped for”.

To be honest “What is hoped for” was only meant to be a temporary name as I couldn’t think of anything else at the time. I chose that name as it is sentence from my favourite scripture – Hebrews 11.1. Also at the time that sentence summed up my blogging journey, what I was hoping for as I ventured back into the world of blogging. Over the past few months I have really tried to put more effort into my blogging and as the blog has evolved I feel as though the name does not reflect my blog anymore.

I am planning a big name reveal post… so I will not be revealing the new name today.

Future Plans 

September – “Roald Dahl Month”  Last year was a 100 years since the great man himself was born, which means this year is 101 year anniversary. As I missed last year, I will be marking it this year instead. September will have plenty of Roald Dahl themed posts – books and movies will feature quite prominently of course. I am also hoping to do some kind of art work based on one of his books for the month which I can feature.

Along with celebrating Roald Dahl there will also be mention of the illustrator most synonymous with his books – Quentin Blake. I went and saw a mini exhibition of some of his work earlier in the year and I am planning on going to another one in September.

October – Towards the end of October I am going to Disney Land Paris with my daughter who also turns 18 years this month. Last year I spent October participating in a “Book-tober” challenge. As I have planned a book theme for both September and December I don’t want to bore everyone anymore on my love of books.

October will also be the launch of my new Blog name – so maybe there might be some posts centred around that.

November – This month marks the half way point on my 101 list (101 Things in 1001 Days).  This month will mainly consist of reflections on the 101 list, achievements and plans for the future.  I am considering taking part in NaNoWriMo again this year but we will see.

December – “Jane Austen Month” – On the 18 July 2017 many fans of Jane Austen marked 200 years since her death and so did I with a little tribute post. However, December will be Jane Austen on my blog as this was the month that Jane was born. This month will of course feature book and movie reviews, mainly on the modern re-tellings or spin-offs of Jane Austen’s work. I am also planning on doing something creative for this month based on Austen’s work.

2018 – Who knows what the new year will bring – hopefully lot’s of new and wonderful things but it is too soon to plan such things yet.


Everyone loves Free Stuff and if I get over a 100 followers on my blog I am planning on doing a little giveaway.

So, that is a few of my future plans for the blog. I hope you like them.



The Death of Robin Hood #BookReview

T H E   D E A T H   O F   R O B I N   H O O D 

(T H E   O U T L A W   C H R O N I C L E S #8)

Angus Donald 



My Rating : 5/5

The Blurb :

‘I charge you, Sir Alan Dale, with administering my death. At the end of the game, I would rather die by your hand than any other’

England rebels

War rages across the land. In the wake of Magna Carta, King John’s treachery is revealed and the barons rise against him once more. Fighting with them is the Earl of Locksley – the former outlaw Robin Hood – and his right-hand man Sir Alan Dale.

France invades

When the French enter the fray, with the cruel White Count leading the charge, Robin and Alan must decide where their loyalties lie: with those who would destroy the king and seize his realm or with the beloved land of their birth.

A hero lives for ever

Fate is inexorable and Death waits for us all. Or does it? Can Robin Hood pull off his greatest ever trick and cheat the Grim Reaper one last time just as England needs him most?

My Review : 

I am so sad that I have come to the end of The Outlaw Chronicles. It is one of the best historical series that I have come across.  It is beautifully written and the pacing through out is remarkable.  Angus Donald has done a remarkable job in bringing the legend of Robin Hood to life.

There is of course a huge spoiler in the title of this book. The novel does indeed chronicle the final days of Robin Hood and his very reduced band of “merry” men. Those who have followed the series, such as myself knew this day was coming. I just wish I had been more prepared.

As with all the books in this series the tale is told through Sir Alan a Dale who became one of Robins men when he was a boy. Alan is old now, his strength is failing and but his memories of his Lord, the Earl of Locksley still burn brightly.  The elderly Alan now resident in a Monastery is now dictating his tales to the Abbot who is as enthralled with Alan’s tales of  loyalty, tragedy, battles, blood, intrigue and overtly friendship, as we all are.

During the course of this book the loyalties of all involved are challenged. Robin is calculated and as cunning as ever, causing those who are close to him to question his motives. Alan though, as ever, remains by his Lord’s side.

I was dreading the ending. I did not want to say goodbye just yet to these wonderful characters. The ending inevitably caused me to become misty eyed. It was wonderfully heartbreaking.

Hero’s Fall Legends Live Forever

Angus Donald has made a fictional tale feel very real.

A legendary tale that will indeed life forever.

Florida Memories 2 #ThrowBackThursday




Following on from last weeks post here is a quick throwback to our time at Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure.

Personally I enjoyed the Islands of Adventure more than the Universal Studios. This may just have been due to the amount of Marvel Characters that were wandering around. My daughters favourite Marvel Character is Captain America and she really enjoyed meeting him.


However, instead of meeting Superheros I was more interested in meeting a dinosaur. At Islands of Adventure in the Jurassic Park area there is an opportunity to meet a Velociraptor. I queued up twice to do this. The first time we queued for about 5 minutes and they got notification there was going to be a storm. The Velociraptors are not allowed out when there is a storm. However, the second time was more successful.


It was a very strange experience. My daughter refused to meet the Raptor so it was just me.


As well as the Raptor experience there is also a Jurassic Park River Boat ride, be warned you do get very wet. There is also the Jurassic Park Discovery Centre as well as a Jeep and Dinosaur decorations for photo opportunities.


We also got to go on Kong: Skull Island which was quite new. I think it was opened a month before we went. Like most of the rides around Universal Studios it was a 3D experience but the queue was fun. If you haven’t been on the ride be careful of the holes in the walls, there is a surprise in them.


One of the biggest rides there is Incredible Hulk Coaster, though we never rode on it, we both chickened out.

View of Hulk Coaster from Mythos Restaurant 

As well as the rides it is worth mentioning Mythos Restaurant. We decided we were going to try it as loads of people were on about how popular it was. We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table maybe, not too long. Though most people make a reservation. The services was great and we had a wonderful times

What I enjoyed most was the attention to detail around the Island. There are lots of nice surprises you just have to look carefully to see them


I hope you enjoyed my quick tour of Islands of Adventure, there is a lot more to see and do than I have mentioned. These were just my highlights.

Tribute To The King

Today marks the 40th Anniversary since Elvis Presley commonly known as The King passed away. During his lifetime Elvis is credited with inspiring a whole generation of young people with his music, yet his influence did not pass away with him. Since his death Elvis is still influencing music, fashion and even art but why is The King still so popular ?

Elvis 68

Sadly Elvis died before I was born so I never had the opportunity to see The King of Rock and Roll perform live. However, I have watched a number of his movies and concerts that were filmed while he was alive. My favourite though has to be the 1968 Comeback Special. It is not just due to the leather outfit. I really do feel as though Elvis was at his best that night. I am also slightly amused by how his hair sort of has a mind of its own during the course of the evening.

I brought my mother the DVD of the Comeback Special probably about 15 years ago. Though we have rarely watched it because it is usually on the TV somewhere over the course of the year and we end up watching it on the TV.  Above is a video I found on YouTube of Elvis singing during the Comeback Special I chose this one due to the hair.

Elvis gif.gif

My favourite Elvis song is Suspicious Minds but everyone knows how that goes so I am not including that in this post. Instead I have included an Elvis Song called “It’s Midnight”. It is one of Elvis’s last singles it was released in 1975 and the version I have included was recorded in 1974 in Las Vegas. I could rattle on about Elvis, his legacy, his music but instead I am going to share a memory.

The reason I chose this song is because 12 years ago I lost a very dear friend in death. She was a huge Elvis fan. When she was younger she used to drag her brother to the cinema to see Elvis’s latest movies and in return she used to watch whatever her brother chose. This backfired slightly when her brother took her to see the movie Papillon and she fainted during one of the scenes.

She was full of fun and would often regale me with tales of her exploits in her younger days. My greatest memory of her though was her love for Elvis. She was crazy about the King and believed him to be the best looking guy to have ever walked the face of the earth. I don’t disagree, young Elvis is indeed a very handsome chappy. Sadly she passed away after battling cancer but before her death she chose the song “It’s Midnight” to be played at her funeral.  So please take the time to listen to it as a tribute to Elvis and also someone who I knew to be one of his greatest fans.

Seven Modern Day Wonders

I have added something else to my Bucket List. It is travel related but as it covers a number of countries I have just left it on the actual Bucket List page.

Now I have always been aware of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. There are only one of these still in existence in today’s world. However, I was not aware until recently of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World or as they are sometimes call “The New Seven Wonders of the World”.   SO, guess what is now on The Bucket List –

Visit the New Seven Wonders of the World 

If you are unaware of what these New Seven Wonders are I have listed them below. I have already been to one, so six more to go.

  1. Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janerio
  2. The Great Wall of China
  3. The Colosseum, Rome – complete July 2017
  4. Petra, Jordan
  5. Machu Picchu, Peru
  6. Chichen Itza, Mexico
  7. The Taj Mahal, India

Now I don’t know who decided these were the New Wonders but I am in no way qualified to disagree with the decision.  I believe from what I have read on the internet that there was an vote and these Seven were chosen from a choice of two hundred existing monuments.


I found this map on the World Atlas page which gives an indication on where these Wonders are located over the World.

I have no idea how many I will actually see but it is something to aim for.

The website for the Seven New Wonders is a good reference to use for places to visit. Not only does it list the Seven New Wonders but also the New Seven Natural Wonders and the New Seven Wonder Cities. To have a look <<<Click Here>>> I am thinking about adding both lists to my Bucket List too.

If you are now wondering what the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World were, I have listed them below:

  1. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt (The only one still visible today)
  2. The Colossus of Rhodes, Greece
  3. The Lighthouse of Alexandra, Egypt
  4. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece
  5. The Hanging Garden’s of Babylon, Iraq
  6. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Turkey
  7. The Temple of Artemis, Turkey

How Far I’ll Go #Moana #Review

M O A N A 


Cast: Alui’i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Andy Tudyk

Rating: 5/5 (It’s Disney)

My Review: 

“If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess.” – Maui 

Well if that is the only criteria I am taking a trip to the pet store! One of the many things I loved about Moana was the fact Disney was not taking itself too seriously. It was full of off the cuff remarks that related to previous Disney movies as well of course the now famous Disney Easter Eggs.


Moana is drawn to that line where the sky meets the sea. Moana is in love with the ocean and the ocean has chosen her too. It is her destiny to get Demi-God, Maui, voiced superbly by Dwayne Johnson to restore the heart of Tafiti to its rightful place. However, Moana has a problem. Moana’s father, the village chief will not allow anyone to sail past the reef out into the ocean. Moana’s grandmother, the village crazy lady who “loves to dance with water” inspires her granddaughter to go as it is the only way she will be happy.

The movie is full of memorable characters and songs. Maui’s song “Your Welcome” is one of the best comical songs I have really enjoyed since the Genie sang “A Friend Like Me”. Maui is an interesting character you are never really sure if you like him or not till you get towards the end of the movie.

Maui tat.gif

I did enjoy his little tattoo friend. Reminiscent of the Muses from Hercules. If all tattoo’s were like him I would consider getting one. I really did enjoy the banter between him and Maui. Of course the song “How Far I’ll Go” was my favourite song of the whole movie. I had heard it a few times before I had seen the movie and it is now one of my favourite Disney songs. It encompasses my desire to travel at the moment.

The CGI animation as always is well executed. I did have a slight issue with some of the pacing of the movie, however I expect at some point in the future there might be a Moana DVD with extra scenes as I have a feeling there were quite a few cut out.


The character who stole the show however, besides Pau (the pig) who was so cute, was Heihei the Rooster. That rooster had me in crying with laughter.

As well as being full of fun and laughter, there are some lovely touching moments. My daughter told me she was moved to tears a few times while watching the movie.

I honestly did not expect to enjoy Moana as much as I did.





Health & Well Being Sunday #6

Unfortunately my chest is no better. I am still in a lot of pain especially of night when I am lying in bed. Last night the pain shifted and is now travelling down my left lung. I am going to phone the Doctors in the morning to see if their is anything they can do apart from give me painkillers. Due to not sleeping well I am also getting regular migraines so I am feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

I have however kept up with the water drinking and have been good most days healthy eating wise. My cheat day is Friday and last Friday I had the biggest burger ever. I couldn’t eat it all, I ate just over half. Most Fridays we have a movie night and on so we have some wine and some crisps which is a nice treat.

A lot of water I have been drinking has been in my infusion bottle. I have been infusing the water mainly with citrus fruits and my favourite at the moment is lemon and lime. If you haven’t got a water infusion bottle I recommend them. I brought my mother and daughter one each too so they have been joining me.  The picture is very similar to the bottle I have, I forget to take a photo of mine.


My bottle was not expensive it was under £5. I wasn’t going to get an expensive one til I knew whether I liked it or not. Apples, strawberry, mango, pineapple and oranges all work really well in the infuser as well.




Walking has been going well but due to this stupid chest thing I have done no running with the exception of running for the bus in the morning. Two mornings in a row I had to run up the hill to get the bus. It nearly killed me. I have become so unfit so quickly and I wasn’t that fit to begin with.  I am aiming to walk as much as I can and I am trying to monitor this on an app on my phone, but I am thinking of investing in a Fitbit or something similar.


I have not been as organised as I want to be over the past couple of weeks. I have been trying to and failing miserably due to being tired. However I am going to make more of a concerted effort. I have tried to work out how to use the reminders app on my phone to its full capacity so I can utilise better.

Mental Health

#Gratitude – One of my favourite blogs is Milly’s Guide  and every Friday so lists 5 things she is grateful for during the week.  Her list , even though I never physically do one of my own always makes me more appreciative. It always makes me think of things I am grateful for. So, here are my 5 for the fortnight –

  1. I am grateful for my parents especially my mother. Though she has had a lot to deal with over the past few years there is nothing both she nor my father would not do for either myself or my daughter. That includes listening to us both moaning and crying at times.
  2. Even though I am not a 100% happy in my job I am grateful I have one. I remember what it is like not to have one and I would rather have one than not.
  3. My faith – It may not be as strong as I would like it to be and there is still room for improvement, but I am glad I have it.
  4. Dogs – Now I do not have a dog of my own but I have had fun with some lovely dogs this week. They always cheer you up.
  5. Angus Donald – I have read the last book of the Outlaw Chronicles and I have really enjoyed his take on Robin Hood.

Inner Beauty 


I cannot remember what day it was but one morning we were watching Good Morning Britain and they interviewed a women called Lizzie Velasquez. When Lizzie was 17 years someone titled her the Ugliest Woman in the World. This would be a cruel thing to do to any 17 year old girl but Lizzie has a rare congenital disease called Marfaniod-progeroid-lypodystrophy. She is only the third person in the world to be born with this condition.

Lizzie was titled the Ugliest Woman in the World on a YouTube video in 2006 however she did not let this experience destroy her. Due to the bullying suffered during her childhood it catapulted into a career as a motivational speaker.

Before this week I had never heard of Lizzie Velasquez however her 5 minute interview on GMB was probably one of the most inspiring moments I have ever seen. Lizzie’s determination shone through, she has not and will not allow other people to dictate her life for her.

I have no idea why their are so many people out there who take enjoyment and delight in inflicting misery on others. The common thought is that they do this because they are hurting so they want others to hurt too. This does not in anyway justify their bullying.

Stupid people do not realise that beauty is something more than being just physical. Many people spend a fortune on products, surgery and accessories to try and enhance or make themselves “beautiful”. They conform to the beauty of this world but who should be allowed to decided who is beautiful and who is not? Lizzie had something you cannot buy, inner beauty. Lizzie is not resentful of those bully’s in fact she has tried to understand why they wanted to cause her pain. Lizzie is rare example of humanity and a truly motivational person.  I think we should all be more Lizzie.

Goals for the next two weeks

  • Discover more about Lizzie Velasquez
  • Go to the Doctors
  • Look up water infusion recipes
  • Walk at least 5 miles a day (10,000)
  • Become better “blog” organised
  • Remember to take photo’s for health and well being post #7
  • Think of 5 more things to be grateful for
  • Look for a new job
  • Look at courses to improve job prospects