Health & Well Being Sunday #2

Two weeks have flown by and there has been a bit of progress, with the help of Wonder Woman.

Last week I took my daughter to the cinema to see Wonder Woman. Since watching that movie my daughter has decided that she wants to be a fit as Wonder Woman or more precisely Gal Gadot. Due to this and to keep herself motivated she has decided that she is going to be my trainer. I am not complaining. I now have a poster of Wonder Woman on my wall to motivate me… lol!!! I remember watching Wonder Woman when I was child and Lynda Carter was in the lead role. I used to spin round for ages to see if my clothes would change, they never did, I would just end up falling over.


We had been running a couple of times before watching the movie but our training routine has become more structured over the past 10 days or so. I hope we keep it up. I doubt whether I would actually end up being as fit as Wonder Woman but it is good to have a goal. lol!


About a month ago my general “well being” had become pretty low. I couldn’t stop crying, I was really emotional, over-reacting about everything. I felt as though I was in quick sand and the more I struggled against it, the quicker I was sinking.There were a lot of reasons why I was feeling that way, in fact it was because there were so many things that I couldn’t stop myself from sinking. I had to admit that I needed help.

So I toddled off to the Doctors who I swear is sick to death of seeing me this year and explained how I was feeling. She told me that my brain was struggling to process everything at the moment and that I needed to give it a rest. It was like trying to work a computer with a thousand different tabs up. I was prescribed an anti-depressant (happy pills.. yay) to help me to relax. It is working I am not as emotional and I am coping a lot better. I have not made this well known within my social circles not because I am ashamed but because I don’t want to keep explaining things.

I didn’t ever want to go on anti-depressants again. I had been on them before after I had my daughter as I had post-natal depression which would be 17 years ago now. It took me a long time to admit that I needed help this time. They are not a permanent solution for me just a temporary fix.


I had to go to the dentist again. I mentioned in the last post at the beginning of the month that I was in pain again with my mouth. My filling/crown had become loose and it was causing some discomfort. I have had it fixed but there is still some pain there so we will see how it goes.


So, last time I set myself 4 things to do over the past two weeks. Here is my progress so far…

1. Is to create a list of all the things I want I to complete this year and set out a schedule.

Currently in progress – To do this I have printed off calendar pages from I have scheduled several things I want to complete but I still have some way to go.

2. Not play on the games so much – limit it to maybe 30 minutes a day or less

Completed – I am not spending any longer than 30 minutes on games. Due to this a few times I have actually forgotten about them and have not been on at all.

3. Go Running… I have been a few times need to try for twice a week.

Completed – Though still in progress. I need to keep it up.

4. Revisit my Health and Fitness Journal.

In Progress – I have got loads of things now to add to this so I need to spend a little longer on it.


Here are the goals for over the next two weeks and possibly beyond…

  1. Running twice a week – start building up stamina
  2. Carry on with Health and Fitness Journal – add a “Well Being” section. (Might move it into a ring binder.
  3. Healthy Eating – Organise my lunch better for work. Get ideas so can start when come back from holiday.
  4. Increase my Water intake
  5. Start a strength workout – need a stronger core.
  6. Begin Planking… again!
  7. Keep to a schedule

Seven things this time… I am hoping to add to this list at the end of every Health and Well Being post so I can update a managed progress rather than just random blog posts.

Next Health and Well Being Sunday – Sunday 2 July 2017

40 Things To Do Before 40…

Have you ever seen those lists people compile of all the things you should do before you reach whatever milestone age you will be. As you know I like lists and am all for a challenge.  I am currently trying to create my Ultimate Bucket List which includes a lot of travel as there are so many places I want to see.

I also have a 101 List which runs up until my 39th which is in just under 2 years time. I reach the half way point in November… When the 101 List ends I quite fancy the idea of doing a 40 Things Before 40…. but what should I have on it?

I know it is going to take me ages to come up with ideas so I am going to start gathering peoples thoughts and jotting down things.

I am also contemplating the idea of having a theme. I was watching something the other day where they were interviewing a comedian who is turning 30 years old next year. He stated that instead of having a party, he wanted to go to 30 restaurants all over the UK throughout the year to mark it. I quite fancy doing something like that only not going to restaurants, I’m not very foody.

Whatever the finished list becomes will of course depend on financial situation.

There are of course some ground rules.

  • The goals have to be achievable and able to complete within 366 days (2020 is a leap year).
  • The goals have to be measurable or physical so there is evidence of completion.
  • Skinny dipping, streaking or anything else that involves me exposing myself in anyway is not going to appear on the list. I would not want to give anyone including myself nightmares.

So any suggestions? Let me know…


I Can Save Today. You Can Save The World.



W O N D E R   W O M A N 

CAST : Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Lucy Davies

DIRECTOR : Patty Jenkins

RATING : 4.5/5

THE BLURB : Before she was Wonder Woman she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, she leaves home to fight a war to end all wars, discovering her full powers and true destiny.


While I endured Batman vs Superman there was one moment in particular that caught my attention. It was the moment we saw a photo of Wonder Woman taken with a band of four during World War 1. I wanted to know more about that photo, who were those men? And, what was Wonder Woman doing during World War 1? That was the movie I wanted to watch. Someone out there obviously had the same idea because that is the movie I got and I really enjoyed it.

(l-r) SAÏD TAGHMAOUI as Sameer, CHRIS PINE as Steve Trevor, GAL GADOT as Diana, EUGENE BRAVE ROCK as The Chief and EWEN BREMNER as Charlie in the action adventure “WONDER WOMAN.” ©Warner Bros. Entertainment/Ratpac Dune Entertainment. CR: Clay Enos.

This movie is not without its flaws but I am not going to spend my time pointing them out, they are fairly obvious. Instead I want to mention what wonderful job all the actors did in their respective roles.

Gal Gadot our leading lady, Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman, is simply beautiful in her role. She proves that a female superhero can be just as fierce and loyal as any male but also empathetic stating that she “chooses love”.  Chris Pine was also very good in his role as Steve Trevor. Initially I thought he was just going to reprise his role as Captain Kirk. As much I love Chris Pine, I do find he plays a lot of his roles very similar. However, you cannot help but like Steve Trevor and his comical secretary, Etta Candy (Lucy Davies).  Sameer, Charlie and The Chief are also fun.


The action sequences were engaging, I enjoyed the soundtrack that went along with them. I was interested in the way DC managed to combine the horrors of the Great War especially the introduction of chemical warfare. The scientist Dr Maru nicknamed Dr Poison was a character who was quite chilling in appearance as well as in nature. I felt as though her role should have been bigger.

For a DC movie there is quite a big dollop of humour which I would have associated more with the Marvel Movies which could be the reason why I liked it so much. Patty Jenkins did a really good job as the first female director of a Superhero movie. I think it is thanks to her that we have a movie that appeals to all, rather than just teenage boys.

I am hoping that this movie marks a turning point in the recent history of DC movies. Overall I really enjoyed this movie despite its flaws. It has erased some of mistakes made with Batman vs Superman which leads me to hope that there is some hope for The Justice League Movie.

Bullet Journal Post #1 (again)

I love the idea of Bullet Journals, I have for a long time. I think I may have mentioned it a few times before. I go on Pinterest and look at photo’s of all the wonderful layouts that other people produce. I am not even going to try to recreate what some of them have done, they are so good.  Then I go and forget all about actually doing stuff with my Bullet Journal “BuJo”.

So the other day I was playing with my BuJo… I have re-started it again from June as I missed out May completely. I decided I was going to have a doodle “Summer 2017” Page to start the new bit in the middle.

Summer Doodle Page

I am going to to doodle on the ^page throughout the summer and show you the end result at the end of August. I couldn’t resist using a few stamps to add a bit of interest.

June Page

Above is the start of my title page for June. I found a few scraps of paper that I have had for ages but didn’t know what to do with. I have had a bit of a play with them. I forgot to take a photo of the finished page but I will post that next week. It will give me something to talk about.

I hope you like my BuJo for the summer so far.


Dreams, Wishes & Goals – What’s the difference?

Most people or maybe it is just me..;? We clump these three words, Dreams, Wishes and Goals together usually under the heading – Goals.  My Blog theme for over June and July is Dreams. While I was thinking of posts for over the next few weeks I realised that I cannot write just about my Dreams without including my Wishes and Goals. The three things tie together nicely however it is important that we distinguish the difference between them.


The idea of a Wish List is to capture things you desire or want to do but are not actively pursuing. We often wish we can do things that we know are out of our control. So, these can often be things that may always be beyond our reach.


A Dream is often our ultimate destination. Dreams can appear huge and unreachable at first glance but are achievable. Most of the time we refer to Dreams as Long-Term Goals.


Often a series of targets we use to reach our Dreams.

The best way to measure these targets is to use the SMART GOAL system. SMART is an acronym which stands for Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic/Relevant and Time specific.

The biggest difference between Dreams and Goals is often that – Dreams are what we are thinking about and Goals are what we are acting on.

Throughout June and July I will be creating lists and plans to try and turn my dreams into realities by using goals.

Sleeping Beauty’s Tower WIP #2

Well I did intend to update on this once a week, however over the past couple of weeks things have got in the way and I haven”t actually done a lot. I also have a a couple of busy months a head so I’m not sure how much I will get done. I am going to try and update at least once a month.

After doodling for about 3 days I have finally decided on the designs for the roof interior. I wanted to include the good fairies in the design of the tower somewhere and here feels like the perfect place.

Inside Roof 1

As you can see I need to paint them, which I am a little nervous about so I want to start it when I have plenty of time. They are based on the three good fairies from the Disney animated Sleeping Beauty. I know in the original tale there were more than three fairies. Each of the fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather have different shaped cloak clasps which is what I have based the design behind them on.

Roof 1

This is the other roof panel. As you can see it has a window. I need to order some more roof tiles and some ridging tiles as I haven’t got enough.

Floors 1

I have also put the floor boards on the floor. This is them in there natural state. I do intend to age them a bit.

Inside Tower Before

Above is the Tower before I re – painted and added the brick to the inside of it. It also gives you some idea of how the Tower will stand once it is completed.

Inside Tower 1

Above is one of the Tower walls painted and with brick work. I do like the brick work I think it looks really effective.

At least progress is being made even if it is slow. I hope you like it so far…


Collectormania 24 – 2017

collec logo

On Saturday 3 June 2017 myself and my daughter attended our first “Collectormania” Film and Comic Con event at the NEC Birmingham. In the past we have attended the MCM Comic Con’s numerous times and we were interested to see what the differences would be between the two shows.

The first difference was the lack of crowds. We caught the train to the NEC and usually with the MCM Comic Con the experience begins at the train station where various people in costumes are waiting on the platform. We saw no-one till we hit the NEC and in all honesty the lack of crowds was really nice.

Collectamainia 2

The Collectormania show itself was a lot smaller in scale than MCM Comic Con but there were still a lot of people. There were also quite a few Cosplayers. I saw some great Cosplay. One of my favourites is pictured above. The Yondu costume was fantastic and I was determined to get a photo of him. (I want to apologise for the quality of my photo’s. I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone and I think the camera on my phone is breaking down.) Another excellent costume was a guy who is known on Instagram as @king_tide_cosplay, he is also on Facebook. He was dressed as a very impressive Aquaman. I recommend you look him up, he also does a very impressive Thor.

Collectamainia 1

As we walked into the show there was a company who took peoples photo’s with various props. One of the props was Groot, who I thought was really cool. It’s a shame they never had a Rocket too. There was also a TARDIS interior, a couple of vehicles one from Ghostbusters and another from Mad Max.

There were various stalls selling a variety of merchandise, collectables and comic books. The stalls were all quite samey and there weren’t that many. There was a nice Fudge Stall which really made the effort with the names there was Vulcan Baileys and Doctor’s Caramel flavour fudge. I thought it was a nice a touch.

The best thing about the show were the Guests. On one side of the hall there were sports personalities such as Harry Rednapp, Pele and Ricky Hatton to name a few. However, it was the other side of the hall we were more interested in.

Collectamainia 4
Marc Warren meeting the fans

There was a variety of guests there from Film and TV. My daughter was very excited to see John Barrowman. She has always loved him and it made her day. Another star who was there was Marc Warren. I love Marc Warren but I didn’t meet him. I did chicken out as I am quite a big fan of his, I loved Hustle and have watched him in everything he has done more or less since then. I did not want to be all star struck meeting the guy so I left it. I hope I get the opportunity to meet him again. I did take a sneaky photo though.

Collectamainia 6.JPG

The reason we went to the show however was to meet Ming-Na Wen. Again we have no photo’s with her, I did take a few photo’s while she was giving a talk on the main stage. Ming-Na was delightful she was so lovely. She had hurt her leg while filming Agents of Shield so we were lucky she made it as she had just had an operation on it. She is nothing like Agent May in real life which was a relief as Agent May is quite intimidating.

Collectamainia 5

Meeting Ming-Na Wen means I can cross off an item on my 101 List which was to meet someone from Agents of Shield. I didn’t think I would. I still want to meet Clark Gregg though.

Collectamainia 3

Dean Cain and Helen Slater were also there. We sat and listened to them talking for 30 minutes or so. They were quite interesting. Helen didn’t really have opportunity to say a lot really as I think the majority of the questions were directed at Dean Cain. I remember watching Helen Slater in Super Girl when I was about 10 years old and really wanting to be her. Lol! There were loads of other guests there Michael Shanks, Deep Roy and Jemma Redgrave to name a few.

Overall we both had a really nice time. It may have been smaller on scale than MCM Comic Con but it was just as enjoyable. We are hoping to go again next year.