Movie Mondays

Just a little note about what Mondays are made of on my blog #MovieMonday #Mondays #movies #films


Monday’s on this Blog are going to be Movie focused. It is a habit I got into on my old blog and I am finding it difficult to break. I think this is mainly due to the fact I do most of my movie viewing over the weekend.

Movie Mondays 

What can you expect from Movie Mondays then?

Movie Reviews – I am not the best Movie Reviewer in the world but I do like talking about the movies I have watched. I will try and limit the bulk of the reviews just to movies I have seen at the cinema.


Lists – These will be lists of Movies I have watched every month, Movies I want to watch etc.. If I have a theme one month it will be a list of Movies connected to that theme. Also, I have a few Movie related items on my 101 List so these will also have a mention.

Movie News –¬†Anything I might find interesting that I may have an opinion on or want to share.


So, welcome to Movie Mondays… Take a seat, grab your popcorn and… ACTION!!

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