A Bucket List is a List of things that you one day hope to achieve before you kick the proverbial bucket.

There is no time limit. It has no start date and the end date of course is unknown. Unlike the 101 List, there is no need to make the Goals measurable or even attainable. There is no restriction on how many items you have and  there are no rules. You can add, take away and check off things whenever you want. It is always evolving…

It is a list of dreams and possibilities, of maybes, what if’s and hope. Mine mainly consists of places I want to visit.

Warning The List is Very Long 

The List 

Complete items are in Red


  • Get fit enough to run a marathon
  • Run an 8 Minute Mile
  • Get to my target dress size and maintain it (forever)
  • Master another language
  • Try Fencing (as in swords)
  • Have a book published
  • Go overseas to do the ministry
  • Own a piece of Jewelry from Tiffany’s
  • Have a Library (Like Belle in Beauty and Beast)
  • Own a Car
  • Own a House
  • Own a Holiday Home (Tents and Caravans don’t count)
  • Own a pair of designer sunglasses
  • Own a pair of designer shoes
  • Work for Myself
  • Discover what I want to be when I grow up


  • See my daughter get married
  • Go on holiday, just me and daughter – Completed July 2016
  • Be a Grandmother
  • Pay for my parents to go on Holiday
  • Become an Auntie


  • See if Romance is real
  • Be Swept off my feet
  • Fall in Love (it has to happen one day, right?)
  • Get engaged
  • Get married (?? maybe, included just in case)
  • Go on a proper date
  • Walk along the beach in the moonlight (sounds romantic will probably fall down a hole)
  • Receive a Love Letter
  • Have flowers delivered to where I work (by the person who I’m in love with)
  • Dance in the rain


  • See a Shakespeare Play at The Globe Theater in London
  • See an Opera at Covent Garden, Royal Opera House
  • Go to the Royal Ballet
  • Go to the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London
  • See a Performance at the Royal Shakespeare Theater, Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • See a Performance at the Albert Hall
  • See the Strauss Orchestra Live
  • See a musical on Broadway, New York
  • Have a meal at the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World – Florida 2016
  • Ride on the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios – Florida 2016
  • See the Killer Whale Show at Sea World, Florida – Florida 2016
  • See Bryan Adams in concert
  • See Take That in concert – I have no idea why? It seems like a good idea.
  • See a drive in movie
  • Stay in a tree house
  • Be an extra in a movie
  • Go to San Diego Comic Con
  • Go to a Movie Premier
  • Fly First Class with Emirates
  • Stay in a 5 Star Hotel
  • Sleep in a Castle
  • Go on Safari (In Africa)
  • Attend Bath Literature Festival
  • Go to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath
  • Go to a “Jane Austen” Summer Ball
  • Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
  • Write a letter to Juliet and leave it in her wall


  • Swim with Dolphins (or a Dolphin) – Florida 2016
  • Go Swimming with Sting Rays – Florida 2016
  • Go on a Road Trip – has to last at least a weekend
  • See the Sunrise from a Beach
  • See the Sunset from a Beach
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Go up in a Hot Air Balloon
  • Ride in a Limousine
  • Ride on an Elephant
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Ride on a Dog Sledge
  • Go whale watching
  • Have a drink in an Ice Bar

Travel (not finished got a lot of things still to add) 

There are so many things I want to see and do. I also wanted to add what I have already done, so I have put it on a new page. Click Below to see.

UK – England Bucket List 



America – California

  • Go to Los Angeles
  • Go to Hollywood
  • See the Walk of Fame
  • Visit The Last Book Store, Los Angeles
  • Go to Universal Studios
  • Go to Disney Land
  • Go to San Diego
  • Go to San Diego Zoo
  • Go to San Francisco
  • See Alcatraz Island (I’m not sure if I want to go to it)

America – Florida (Booked for July 2016)

  • Go to Orlando – 2016
  • Stay at Walt Disney World – 2016
  • Visit Walt Disney World – 2016
  • Visit Epcot – 2016
  • Visit Hollywood Studios – 2016
  • Visit Animal Kingdom – 2016
  • Visit Universal Studio’s (both parks) – 2016
  • Visit Sea World – 2016
  • Visit Discovery Cove – 2016
  • Visit The JFK Space Center
  • Go to Miami

America – New York

  • Go to New York City
  • Go to Central Park
  • Go to Times Square
  • Go to Ground Zero
  • Go up the Statue of Liberty
  • See the Brooklyn Bridge