Hello May…

April has flown by and time as they say waits for no man or woman. This post is of course delayed due to my participation in the A to Z April Challenge, I’m sure none of you mind though.

So, I’m combining what are usually two posts… Hello May… and Awareness & Special Days

May ‘s banner theme :  Finding Nemo

Nemo Banner

May’s Quote : “My goal is to create a life I don’t need to take a vacation from.”

M A Y 

Awareness and Special Days 

Below is a list of Awareness and Special Days which may or may not… inspire your any blogging blocks this month.

Month : 

National Walking Month

Share A Story Month

Local and Community History Month

Weeks : 

2nd – 8th May – Donkey Week / Family Safety Week

6th – 12th May – Real Bread Week / National Doughnut Week / Red Cross Week

8th – 14th May – Coeliac Disease Awareness Week / Mental Health Week

14th – 20th May – Dementia Awareness Week / British Sandwich Week

15th – 21st May – Vegetarian Week / Learning at Work Week / Walk to School Week

27th May – 3rd June – English Wine Week / National Canoeing Week

29th May – 4th June – National BBQ Week

Days : 

  1. May Day / Mother Goose Day / Hawaiian Lei Day
  2. World Asthma Day
  3.  –
  4.  Star Wars Day
  5.  Space Day / Day of the Midwife / Save lives and clean your hands day
  6.  –
  7. International Day of the Dawn Chorus
  8. No Socks Day
  9. Europe Day / Lost Socks Day
  10. World Lupus Day / Bike to School Day
  11. Twilight Zone Day / Eat What You Want Day
  12. M.E Awareness Day / Nurse Day / National Limerick Day
  13. National Train Day / World Fair Trade Day / National Mills Weekend
  14. National Children’s Day
  15. International Day of the Family
  16. World Hypertension Day / International Museum Day
  17. World Aids Vaccine Day
  18. Spinal Cord Injury Awareness / Great British Fish and Chip Supper Day
  19. World Goth Day
  20. World Turtle Day
  21. National Missing Children’s Day
  22. European Neighbours Day
  23.  World Hunger Day
  24. International Peace Keepers Day
  25. No Tobacco Day / World M.S Day

Hello April…

Well, we certainly marched through last month and now a new month is once again upon us.  March was busy in lots of ways. I have finally got my bedroom roughly how I want it. I am not a 100% happy with it yet, which is why there is no photo, but once I am I will share.  My room is not very big so it does get cluttered very quickly.

My plans for April so far include having more blood tests and going back to the doctors… exciting.

My Quote for April is… 


Blog Theme: Disney Characters

I currently don’t have a working graphics package on my computer. I did have Photoshop and Paintshop but they have both stopped working after the latest Windows update so I am stealing images from the internet. If they happen to be your images thank you very much for producing such delightful pictures.

You may have noticed that I am also participating in the A – Z April Challenge. My theme for the challenge is Disney Sidekicks (Supporting Characters). Yesterday I published the first post in the challenge, A is for… in this case A was for Abu from Aladdin. I have drawn a little picture too. I decided I was going to kick start my drawing again with this challenge so I hope it works?

I now have a fair amount of polystyrene for my “Sleeping Beauty Tower” project. This is to help build up the sides of the base.   It consists of a metre squared mdf base with a smaller mdf square attached to that and then there is three sided box on top of that. I am turning this into a cave.


I am not sure whether this photo is big enough for you see. I have started layering some foam board to the side. I am hoping to try and make some steps to lead up to the tower. I am also thinking of making it look like a cave on a beach. Creating some sea, maybe a boat? I also acquired some lights on a string which I intend to fix in around the base so it looks like ground light.

I know it does not look like much at the moment but very soon, hopefully it will.

In Other News… 

I still haven’t read any books… Next Sunday I will do a quick update on my 101 list.

I hope you all have a good April and enjoy my A – Z challenge.


A is for… ???

A is for… Abu (from Aladdin)

Welcome to my first post of the 2017 A – Z April Challenge… How is everyone feeling? Excited… Me too!! So, what is A for…. ???

I stated that I was going to draw a “Disney Sidekick” or supporting Disney Character for each of the letters for April. A question though hung over me, how was I going to present these drawings. As I was looking through a few of my boxes I stumbled across some blank ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) I had forgotten about.  If you are unaware of ATC’s they are basically a piece of rectangular card the size of a baseball card roughly 6cm by 8cm.

My stash of ATC’s

A is for…. ABU

How can anyone not love the little furry lovable rogue, who happens to be Aladdin’s best friend.

Abu 1
Just to prove I am drawing them. 

Abu first featured in the 1992 animated Disney movie Aladdin. Abu is Aladdin’s pet monkey, as well as being his partner in crime and of course best friend.

Abu 2
Finished Pencil drawing. 

Abu happens to be attracted to anything shiny. This of course can land him in all kinds of trouble including getting himself and Aladdin stuck in the Cave of Wonders.

Abu at times can appear a little selfish and is jealous of anyone who takes Aladdin’s attention away from him. However, Abu does have a kind heart when it matters and eventually does the right thing.

Abu 3
The finished picture

I hope you like my picture of ABU… see you on Monday for the letter B…

Happy A – Z April Challenge…


Awareness & Special Days – April

Argh… It’s April tomorrow! Where has the time gone?  A quarter of the year has passed by already.

So, here is my monthly list of of things that are happening in April. These are things I come across on the internet that I find interesting.


A – Z April Challenge – My theme “Disney Sidekicks”

National Pet Month

Stress Awareness Month

IBS Awareness Month

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month


10th – 16th – Parkinson’s Awareness Week / National Gardening Week

17th – 23rd – Male Cancer Awareness Week

24th – 30th – European Immunisation Week / Family Safety Week / National Stationery Week


  1. April Fools Day
  2. Hans Christian Anderson Day / International Children’s Book Day / World Autism Awareness Day
  3.  Find a Rainbow Day
  4.  –
  5.  Star Trek First Contact Day / Pizza day
  6.  New Beers Eve
  7.  World Health Day / Walk to Work Day
  8. Draw A Bird Day
  9. National Siblings Day
  10. Nissan 14 Memorial of Jesus Christ
  11. Titanic Remembrance Day
  12. World Voice Day
  13. World Haemophilia Day
  14. National Wear a Flower Day
  15. National Skipping Day
  16. National Mother Earth Day
  17. The London Marathon / World Book Night / Shakespeare’s Anniversary Day
  18. World Malaria Day / World Penguin Day
  19. World Intellectual Property Day
  20. Tour de Yorkshire
  21. International Dance Day / International Astronomy Day
  22. International Jazz Day

Hope you all have a good April and if you are completing the A – Z April Challenge, Have a happy blogging month



Things To Do…

Yesterday was an interesting day on the blogging front. I succeeded in remembering to post my Theme Reveal for the A to Z April Challenge. I also managed to go and visit a few other blogs to see what their themes are. Most I have to admit were much more adventurous than mine.

My theme is – Disney Sidekicks  

However, I am using the term sidekick quite freely to describe any character that is not a main character, i.e Hero, Villain, Princess etc… that appears in any Disney Movie. Though when I say any Disney Movie, I think I am going to stick to animation including Pixar. The reason behind this is because in yesterday’s post I stated I may draw these characters if I am brave enough. I have decided I am not that brave but I am going to draw them anyway. EeeK

My New Desk – not sorted all the stationery out yet so please excuse the clutter.

Over the weekend I succeeded in putting together a desk for my bedroom. Having put the desk up and subsequently changing my mind where it should go, behind my desk is now a lovely plain wall.

Evidence of nice plain wall behind desk. 

My idea is (I am not just bragging about the wall) to put all my Disney A – Z drawings on this wall during April. I intend to use different media for each drawing/piece of art and maybe add some quotes. This may turn into a piece of experimental work. I have not done any proper drawing/painting experimentation in years and I am hoping this may kick start my interest in it again.  I am looking forward to seeing what the end result will be.

I do really miss being creative. I have had no time or inclination for ages to achieve anything and I m really hoping to get started on this soon.

In Other News… 

My bedroom is very nearly complete. Just a few tweeks here and there. I still need a chair, a bedside table and a curtain pole. I also want some pen pots and other accessories but it is close to being finished. It may not be completed finished for another couple of months due to financial reasons, but the end is in sight.

I hope you are all either having or had a good day?


Time To Make A Change

Is it just me or has the whole of internet decided to revamp itself? Every app, social media site, even WordPress has updated itself in someway. Some of the changes are good, some a little confusing but overall most changes are for the better.  It could of course be due to the transition in the seasons that is inspiring all this change, whatever it is, it has convinced me that now is the time I really need start making some big changes in my life.

Spring is often linked to new life, new beginnings so now seems like as good as time as any to actually start putting some things into motion and reaffirming some of those plans I had in the new year.

My word for the Year is : CREATE

So far… I have created nothing. I am not afraid to admit that. I have started a few things but nothing has been finished. At the moment I am concentrating on creating a work space. I am hoping to complete this by the end of the month as I have now found a desk that I want.  I will post photos once it is completed.

I do need to keep in mind my quote for March – What you create doesn’t need to be perfect. 


Below are five things that I want to achieve during 2017. I have not made any major life changing goals this year. I don’t think I have the energy. I am making plans for the future though and once I finalise them I will share.

  1. Read 25 Books – this is my book target for 2017 on Goodreads – So far this year I have read 1 Book. Hopeless!! A couple of years ago I would have read 5 books by now.
  2. Visit Italy – I have booked this!! Yay!! We go in July to Rome 
  3. Go to Disney Land Paris – This is booked too… October so we can meet the villains. 
  4. Go to the cinema once a month – I failed this because so far this year the only movie I have seen at the cinema is La La Land. I am planing on going twice this month.  Does that count? 
  5. Lose Weight (a lot of weight) – I have not weighed myself yet this year, however I will cover this in the Slimming Sunday post on the last Sunday on this month. 


These are things I want to complete off my 101 List by the end of 2017

4. For 365 days write down something that makes me happy – Not happening. I did the whole of January. Everyday was a bit samey, so decided to give it a miss for a few months I might start again in May or maybe wait till next year.

8. Keep a Bullet Journal for a Year – I am kind of completing this. I have restarted this in March as in January and February I got caught up with trying to make it look super neat and perfect. So, I had to sit myself down, buy a new book and start again. It will now be from March 2017 to March 2018.

9. Have a Healthy Lunch Routine – Work in Progress – I have had really bad stomach ache for ages. I am almost positive I have an allergy to something. I am keeping a food diary and trying to figure out what it is. I also need to remember to go food shopping.

11. Get fit enough to run 5k – I am unsure how to measure this, but again this will be mentioned in Slimming Sunday.

22. Read the bible in 365 days – This is my one success so far this year. Everyday I have read a few chapters and I am now on the book of Joshua.

26. Create a new Study Folder – I have brought the Folder. I have just got to fill it. Again there will be photo’s once I have new creative space and can make the photo’s look good.

35. Read War and Peace – No started yet

41. Complete NaNoWriMo (again) – Not till November. I have an idea for a story though.

44. Complete the A – Z April Challenge – Yes. Look out for my Reveal Post on the 20th March.

48. Finish Sleeping Beauty’s Tower – I have begun. It is growing.

59. Fill the Photo frame in my bedroom – Nope not yet

60. Create a Photo Book for Georgia – nor this

68. Pay off all debt – This is in process.

83. Make Macaroons – I might have a go at making some of these this week.

Part of the 101 List was to come up with 2 new items for 2017

97. Unsubscribe from all unwanted Emails – I have done this

98. Set up my own business – I added this to my list but I keep going back and forth on the idea. I can see a lot of advantages but also a lot of disadvantages. I need to do more research. 


So they were the things I picked that I wanted to do this year. There is of course so many other things I want to do, which reminds me I need to revisit my 101 list in April and have a look at what needs to be done on there.

I need to stop procrastinating.


Hello March

We are in the third month of the Year already! Can you believe it??? This is an on-going statement from me, but doesn’t time fly? I only wish I was having fun!

What fun random facts do I know about March? 

March – was named after the Roman god of war – Mars. It is believed that the month was named after Mars due it being the beginning of the military campaign season.

The old proverb states that “March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb”. This means that winter ends and spring begins.

Before Julius Caesar reformed the calendar. March was the first month of the year.

The official flower of March is a Daffodil which is appropriate as it matches the colour of Belle’s ball gown. This leads us nicely on too…

March on What is Hoped For?


You may have noticed that the banner has changed to Beauty and the Beast. The banner is from the new Beauty and the Beast movie which is released on the 17 March 2017. I am so excited to see this movie. I have actually booked tickets to see it on the day of release… so happy!

So expect to see plenty of Beauty and the Beast themed posts during March and also the review of the new movie.

I also need to read more during March as I read no books during February as I couldn’t find them… due to clearing out my bedroom. eek!

March – Quote 


I am now half way through my bedroom overhaul which means that I am hoping to actually do some creative work over the next few weeks. This means that I might have some of my hobbies to post on here.  I am even going to attempt a Beauty and the Beast themed piece of work.

A – Z April Challenge Theme Reveal

The date for the A – Z April Challenge is –  Monday 20 March 2017 

I think I have a theme idea. It’s not very exciting but I am looking forward to taking part in this Blog Challenge again.

So here’s to March… Hope you all have a good month?