Health & Well Being Sunday #6

Unfortunately my chest is no better. I am still in a lot of pain especially of night when I am lying in bed. Last night the pain shifted and is now travelling down my left lung. I am going to phone the Doctors in the morning to see if their is anything they can do apart from give me painkillers. Due to not sleeping well I am also getting regular migraines so I am feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

I have however kept up with the water drinking and have been good most days healthy eating wise. My cheat day is Friday and last Friday I had the biggest burger ever. I couldn’t eat it all, I ate just over half. Most Fridays we have a movie night and on so we have some wine and some crisps which is a nice treat.

A lot of water I have been drinking has been in my infusion bottle. I have been infusing the water mainly with citrus fruits and my favourite at the moment is lemon and lime. If you haven’t got a water infusion bottle I recommend them. I brought my mother and daughter one each too so they have been joining me.  The picture is very similar to the bottle I have, I forget to take a photo of mine.


My bottle was not expensive it was under £5. I wasn’t going to get an expensive one til I knew whether I liked it or not. Apples, strawberry, mango, pineapple and oranges all work really well in the infuser as well.




Walking has been going well but due to this stupid chest thing I have done no running with the exception of running for the bus in the morning. Two mornings in a row I had to run up the hill to get the bus. It nearly killed me. I have become so unfit so quickly and I wasn’t that fit to begin with.  I am aiming to walk as much as I can and I am trying to monitor this on an app on my phone, but I am thinking of investing in a Fitbit or something similar.


I have not been as organised as I want to be over the past couple of weeks. I have been trying to and failing miserably due to being tired. However I am going to make more of a concerted effort. I have tried to work out how to use the reminders app on my phone to its full capacity so I can utilise better.

Mental Health

#Gratitude – One of my favourite blogs is Milly’s Guide  and every Friday so lists 5 things she is grateful for during the week.  Her list , even though I never physically do one of my own always makes me more appreciative. It always makes me think of things I am grateful for. So, here are my 5 for the fortnight –

  1. I am grateful for my parents especially my mother. Though she has had a lot to deal with over the past few years there is nothing both she nor my father would not do for either myself or my daughter. That includes listening to us both moaning and crying at times.
  2. Even though I am not a 100% happy in my job I am grateful I have one. I remember what it is like not to have one and I would rather have one than not.
  3. My faith – It may not be as strong as I would like it to be and there is still room for improvement, but I am glad I have it.
  4. Dogs – Now I do not have a dog of my own but I have had fun with some lovely dogs this week. They always cheer you up.
  5. Angus Donald – I have read the last book of the Outlaw Chronicles and I have really enjoyed his take on Robin Hood.

Inner Beauty 


I cannot remember what day it was but one morning we were watching Good Morning Britain and they interviewed a women called Lizzie Velasquez. When Lizzie was 17 years someone titled her the Ugliest Woman in the World. This would be a cruel thing to do to any 17 year old girl but Lizzie has a rare congenital disease called Marfaniod-progeroid-lypodystrophy. She is only the third person in the world to be born with this condition.

Lizzie was titled the Ugliest Woman in the World on a YouTube video in 2006 however she did not let this experience destroy her. Due to the bullying suffered during her childhood it catapulted into a career as a motivational speaker.

Before this week I had never heard of Lizzie Velasquez however her 5 minute interview on GMB was probably one of the most inspiring moments I have ever seen. Lizzie’s determination shone through, she has not and will not allow other people to dictate her life for her.

I have no idea why their are so many people out there who take enjoyment and delight in inflicting misery on others. The common thought is that they do this because they are hurting so they want others to hurt too. This does not in anyway justify their bullying.

Stupid people do not realise that beauty is something more than being just physical. Many people spend a fortune on products, surgery and accessories to try and enhance or make themselves “beautiful”. They conform to the beauty of this world but who should be allowed to decided who is beautiful and who is not? Lizzie had something you cannot buy, inner beauty. Lizzie is not resentful of those bully’s in fact she has tried to understand why they wanted to cause her pain. Lizzie is rare example of humanity and a truly motivational person.  I think we should all be more Lizzie.

Goals for the next two weeks

  • Discover more about Lizzie Velasquez
  • Go to the Doctors
  • Look up water infusion recipes
  • Walk at least 5 miles a day (10,000)
  • Become better “blog” organised
  • Remember to take photo’s for health and well being post #7
  • Think of 5 more things to be grateful for
  • Look for a new job
  • Look at courses to improve job prospects

Hello August…

Only two days into August and I am already behind. I have been having a bit of trouble with WordPress. It is performing very slowly and all my widgets disappeared. I will check that the slowness is not due to my laptop but everything else appears to be moving along okay!


Sunshine quote

“Some Days you just have to create your own SUNSHINE”

Well at the moment this quote is very appropriate as it has rained quite a lot over the past couple of weeks since coming back from Rome. Though this quote does not really refer to the weather. It refers to well being and creating happiness in your own life, or at least that is how I am going to view it.


As you know I love a theme and the theme for August will be – TRAVEL

This will also include updates on the Travel Bucket Lists as I did not get round to doing as much as I wanted in June and July. I am hoping to put some holiday photo’s on from this years trips to Rome, Naples and Pompeii.

Future Travel plans may also be discussed as well as past holidays and day trips.


I wanted to try and read 25 books during 2017. I am 4 books behind target at the moment.

I am currently reading The Bible daily – I am trying to complete it within the year. I am three days behind on my reading schedule at the moment so I hope to catch up with that over the next week.

I am also reading the last book in The Outlaw Chronicles Series by Angus Donald, entitled The Death of Robin Hood. I think there is a big clue in the title there I am disappointed to be coming to the end of such a wonderful series. I just finished the penultimate book The Kings Assassin and had to start this one straight away. It took me years to find a decent Robin Hood series. It has kept me entertained and at times has made me cry. Angus has a nasty habit of killing off characters I like but as much as I dislike it, I also admire an author who knows when it is the right time and is not afraid. Look out for my reviews coming soon.


I promise my Health and Well Being updates for August will be better than July’s. If you read my update on Sunday you will know I have not been well over the past 2 to 3 weeks with various things. I am feeling much better this week so I am hoping that it continues.


I must remember to do this….

I will get around to taking photo’s of the Bullet Journals progress. Admittedly there has not been a great deal, though I have done some.


My theme for September is Roald Dahl. As I missed the 100 years of Roald Dahl last year…. I am doing the 101 years this year. I am trying to decide on something to draw/create based on his books so if you have any ideas of which book to choose please let me know. One of my favourite books is The Boy so I might do something from that?



Health & Well Being Sunday #4

First I have to apologise for this post as I have not had chance to plan it. I am constantly surprised about how quickly the weeks seem to fly by.

Since my last Health and Well Being Sunday post I have flown to Italy and back again. I spent 7 nights in the Eternal City (Rome) and also spent a day in Naples and Pompeii. It was wonderful but very hot and also very busy. Due to it being so hot I did drink a lot of water. Meal times were full of carbs – pasta, pizza and bread.

HardRock Burger
My Burger at The Hard Rock Cafe, Rome… yummy! 

I also went to The Hard Rock Cafe in Rome and had a burger which was wonderful. As you probably gathered there was not a lot of dieting going on. So, the diet and fitness plan start tomorrow… (honestly)…

So below is a quick list of things I want to achieve over the next two weeks…

  1. Running twice a week
  2. Drink Water daily (5 glasses)
  3. Healthy Lunch to take to work
  4. No extra sauces on food
  5. Keep a log of anything that passes my lips
  6. No Coke a Cola (I am addicted)
  7. Strength and Core Workout x 3 Weekly
  8. Have at least 1 hour me time a day (this is important as it is people who drive me crazy)
  9. Take photos of Health and Well Being Journal/Fitness Inspiration Book for Post 5
  10. Think of a way to make these posts a bit more interesting….

I will hopefully have a better post in a couple of weeks, I am sorry this is so rushed. Back to normal blogging activity this week.

Hope you all have a good week


Health & Well Being Sunday #3

My plans for this month have been thwarted once again by the UK weather.

If there is one thing I have learnt in this life, it is that things do not always go to plan. Life has a way of taking the best laid plans, turning them upside down and then rearranging them back to front. In the UK we have gone from a heatwave to a deluge.

As the proverb states…

“A Dripping June, Sets All in Tune.”

Just as the rain allows nature to restore an even balance. A little analytical thinking in our own abilities can stop the ugly head of over confidence rising.

The past two weeks have been interesting. I have gone from hardly moving due to the heat to moving loads because it is cooler and I can.  From feeling ill to well to ill again and back to being well at the moment. I strongly suspect my body is not a big fan of changeable weather.

I have been naughty this week, I have had two takeaways over the past couple of days. I don’t usually have takeaways as I am not a big fan but due to circumstances I didn’t really have much of an option.  They were nice though. Yum! Got salad today. 🙂

Bad Habits 

Trying to sort out my healthy eating habits has made me realise that I have got into some bad food habits.

Mayo/Dressings/Sauce – Full fat of course. Adding extra calories to meals. I have now stopped buying mayonnaise but that does not stop me from reaching for a pre-made sandwich loaded with the stuff. This is why I need to sort my lunches for work.

Coke Cola – Since coming back from America I have not been able to stop myself from drinking this stuff. I cannot drink diet due to the sweeteners so it is full fat, sugary coke all the way. I am not drinking it everyday but I am having at least 2 glasses a week which is not good.

Crisps – I am addicted to crisps. Any kind of crisps. Along with the coke not a good combination.

Below is the progress on my last goals…

1. Running twice a week – start building up stamina

Well just after my last post the UK had a heatwave. As much as I enjoy nice weather, I don’t like melting. So, that week I did not run or walk at all. This week I have done a lot of walking but no running, still building stamina!

2. Carry on with Health and Fitness Journal – add a “Well Being” section. (Might move it into a ring binder.

I have not got round to taking a photo of this yet but I will. It is not in a ring binder. I found a scrapbook which I have decided to house it in. It is looking good so far!

3. Healthy Eating – Organise my lunch better for work. Get ideas so can start when come back from holiday.

I have a whole section on healthy eating in my journal. Now I just have to decide what I am going to eat.

4. Increase my Water intake

Due to the heatwave this was a lot easier to accomplish than I initially thought.

5. Start a strength workout – need a stronger core.

Yep! Okay again due to the heat I only started this over the last 7 days but I am loving it. I love that feeling you get after exercising.

6. Begin Planking… again!

Errr.. well I am doing it. I am just rubbish at it… lol! I used to do about a minute but now it’s about 5 seconds.. oh dear!

7. Keep to a schedule

First I need to create one. I plan on doing this once I get back from my hols.

Over the next couple of  weeks I am off to Italy so a couple of my goals are going to go on the back burner. I cannot work out in a tiny hotel room but I will doing a lot of walking. I also suspect I will be doing a lot of eating. I was watching an interview where someone said the food in Italy was so good they cried. I am prepared to be amazed. I’m not really a foody but I will be making healthy choices where I can. Apart from when we go to the Hard Rock cafe then it will be a burger.

So, I am not listing my goals for the next two weeks. I will be doing as much as I can and I will let you know how I get on when I get back. Ciao!! x

Pay It Forward…

One of my favourite things is discovering new, interesting words and there meanings. I usually never remember them but this one stuck with me and seems very relevant at this moment in time.


Kuebiko (Japanese) – (n) a state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence

Lately I am waking up each morning and wondering what I going to be faced with when I switch on the TV. Terrorism and disaster dominates the news at the moment, locally as well as globally. There appears to be no end to the many ways humans can cause others grief. Witnessing it on a daily basis through the media is indeed exhausting and also out of my control.

Their are people I know who have stopped watching/listening/reading the news because they find it too distressing, but is turning a blind eye to the suffering of those around you the right thing to do? I have no idea! I am not here to tell anyone what they should or should not be doing.

There are no words that can explain the sorrow, the heartache, the grief, the tears and especially the pain. The mental, emotional and physical pain anyone who has lost someone or who been affected in some way by the recent atrocities. I can not pretend that I know or even understand what the victims and families of the terrorist attacks in Manchester, London and the terrible incident at Grenfell Tower are feeling as well as those affected by the other awful incidents that are occurring around the globe on a daily basis. I feel completely helpless.

What is wonderfully heartwarming though is how people/communities have come together to help those in need. For every person out there who wants to cause harm their are 10 people at least who are willing to help and expecting no reward in return.


There is a movie called “Pay it Forward”, you may be aware of it already. It is also a novel by Catherine Ryan. The concept of “Pay it Forward” has been going for sometime. In fact there is even a Pay it Forward day, which in 2018 will be on the 27th April. The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it forward.

Instead of waiting till next year for that one day, wouldn’t it be nice if we could put it into practice in our everyday lives, now. The gestures do not have to be big. It could be holding a door open for someone, helping someone in a wheelchair or a pram get off public transport, smiling, helping a colleague at work with something. We may not be able to make the whole world a better place but if it is within our power we should try and make it a better place for those around us.




Even though I try to do this anyway, I know I could and can do better. I have become cynical in my old age. So, as my own personal tribute to all those affected by any terrorist attack or disaster, man made or natural, anywhere in the world. I will be doing my best to make someone’s day a little brighter and I hope whoever I help will “Pay it Forward”.

40 Things To Do Before 40…

Have you ever seen those lists people compile of all the things you should do before you reach whatever milestone age you will be. As you know I like lists and am all for a challenge.  I am currently trying to create my Ultimate Bucket List which includes a lot of travel as there are so many places I want to see.

I also have a 101 List which runs up until my 39th which is in just under 2 years time. I reach the half way point in November… When the 101 List ends I quite fancy the idea of doing a 40 Things Before 40…. but what should I have on it?

I know it is going to take me ages to come up with ideas so I am going to start gathering peoples thoughts and jotting down things.

I am also contemplating the idea of having a theme. I was watching something the other day where they were interviewing a comedian who is turning 30 years old next year. He stated that instead of having a party, he wanted to go to 30 restaurants all over the UK throughout the year to mark it. I quite fancy doing something like that only not going to restaurants, I’m not very foody.

Whatever the finished list becomes will of course depend on financial situation.

There are of course some ground rules.

  • The goals have to be achievable and able to complete within 366 days (2020 is a leap year).
  • The goals have to be measurable or physical so there is evidence of completion.
  • Skinny dipping, streaking or anything else that involves me exposing myself in anyway is not going to appear on the list. I would not want to give anyone including myself nightmares.

So any suggestions? Let me know…


Dreams, Wishes & Goals – What’s the difference?

Most people or maybe it is just me..;? We clump these three words, Dreams, Wishes and Goals together usually under the heading – Goals.  My Blog theme for over June and July is Dreams. While I was thinking of posts for over the next few weeks I realised that I cannot write just about my Dreams without including my Wishes and Goals. The three things tie together nicely however it is important that we distinguish the difference between them.


The idea of a Wish List is to capture things you desire or want to do but are not actively pursuing. We often wish we can do things that we know are out of our control. So, these can often be things that may always be beyond our reach.


A Dream is often our ultimate destination. Dreams can appear huge and unreachable at first glance but are achievable. Most of the time we refer to Dreams as Long-Term Goals.


Often a series of targets we use to reach our Dreams.

The best way to measure these targets is to use the SMART GOAL system. SMART is an acronym which stands for Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic/Relevant and Time specific.

The biggest difference between Dreams and Goals is often that – Dreams are what we are thinking about and Goals are what we are acting on.

Throughout June and July I will be creating lists and plans to try and turn my dreams into realities by using goals.