Second Time Galaxy Savers

G U A R D I A N S   O F   T H E   G A L A X Y  –  V O L U M E   2

Guardians 2

Cast : Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Michael Rooker, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel

Director : James Gunn

My Rating : 4/5

The Blurb: 

Set to the backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ continues the team’s adventures as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage.

My Review :

I have had a few difficulties putting my thoughts and feelings for this movie into words. In short: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is a hoot and a half.

Star-Lord a.k.a Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot are back along with some old and new friends. Like the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie this is a fun super hero movie, with lots of enjoyable moments and amusing gags. There was a nice mixture of both humour and sentiment which in terms of the storytelling flowed well.

Groot 2

One of the best things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the casting and this movie is no exception. The main cast interacted so well together that you immediately forgot that two of them were CGI. There appeared to be no awkwardness or weird moments where they are talking above the CGI characters head or to their crotch. Whoever was in charge of the pointing did a good job. The supporting cast were also good and interesting to watch. Baby Groot with his adorable behaviour undoubtedly stole the show, he was just so cute.

Surprisingly one of my favourite characters in this movie turned out to be Yondu (Michael Rooker). I loved his interaction with Rocket and Baby Groot (Twig).

Guardians 3

There were however a few inconsistencies with this movie. The CGI effects in places were excellent and really drew you into the movie. The scenery in places was amazing however some of it especially while they were on Ego’s planet looked computerised and blocky. It was not enough to be bothered about really just made me a little sad after everything else was so good. I took a really big dislike to the gold people. I found their virtual fleet irritating.  The pacing was also a bit… well… different. There is not a lot of action but the movie itself did not drag.

The soundtrack Awesome Mixtape #2 was excellent and all the music worked really well. In fact any movie which begins with Mr Blue Sky gets my immediate attention.

Overall I loved this movie. I enjoyed the fact that they did not feel the need to pump it full of unnecessary action but concentrated on characterisation of the team. I felt as though the storytelling was good and the humour did not divert from that. It is laugh-out-loud funny and just as enjoyable as the first movie if not more so. I even liked Sylvester Stallone.

I think I have covered everything I can say without providing you with a multitude of spoilers. If you love Marvel and enjoyed the first Guardians movie then you will love this.

Baby Groot

Dear Billy Sometimes…

K O N G   :  

 S K U L L   I S L A N D 

Kong Poster

Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman

Rating : 3/5

My Review : 

I love a good old fashioned monster movie. My favourites of course are any that the Monster Maker Ray Harryhausen worked on. I love the combination of the stop-frame animation and live action in the early movies. I also love seeing how this has evolved over the years into the CGI/Special Effects we now have. While Harryhausen never got to see his vision of Kong come alive, Kong: Skull Island is reminiscent of many of the old monster movies including The Mysterious Island. While I love a bit reminiscing in movies, easter eggs and so forth, originality was severely lacking in this movie.

Kong 5

Unlike previous Kong movies which are usually set in the 1920’s/30’s era, this one is set at the conclusion of the Vietnam War. This did give the movie a different feel and an interesting perspective. In typical movie storytelling style though it is not the beast we should all be scared of but those who claim to be our protectors but who follow their own selfish motives for their own reward.

kong 3

The storytelling is long, drawn out providing an uneven pace to the movie. There are a few scenes that I feel were only included to show off the mastery of the CGI artists and had no relevance to the overall story. Kong is not the only thing on this Island to be oversized. Due to this the develop of the story and subsequently the characters is found wanting, leading to uneven performances from most of the lead actors. Tip: Don’t get too attached to a lot of the cast only a few actually make their way off the Island.

Kong 2.jpg

Visually the shots of the Storm and the Island scenes are amazing. The Island location is stunning and the settings, props and costumes are all well thought out. I specifically enjoyed the shots around the tribal village and the detail that went into this. This includes the photo’s which Brie Larson’s character takes of the tribes people, these scenes were cute.

Kong monarch
There is a Monarch Website for Kong: Skull Island 

<<<Click here for the Monarch Website>>>

If you do go and see this movie, make sure you stay to the end of the credits as there is an end scene. This scene though not very exciting expands on the secret scientific organisation known as MONARCH (first introduced in Godzilla: Awakening) and their theories in respect of the various monster related myths, stories and fables told world wide. Setting us up of course for the next movie.

Worth watching just don’t expect greatness.

Tale As Old As Time…

…How do you choose your favourite Disney movie?

They are all so good. Engaging characters, catchy soundtracks, wonderful animation, heart-rendering plots, etc… the possibilities are endless. It’s no secret I am biased when it comes to Disney. I am not going to lie choosing a favourite was hard, but I thankfully I made this decision a couple of years ago so tonight there was no dilemma. I can give you the name of my favourite Disney movie with complete confidence. You may already suspect by the title of this post but just to confirm.

My favourite Disney Movie is – Beauty and The Beast

There are so many reasons behind my decision. Why I chose Beauty and The Beast over all the other movies, however I am only going to give one reason. I am hoping that you have all seen the movie else this is going to be one big spoiler. This is not my main reason behind my decision but it is the reason I am most drawn to at the moment.

Beast let Belle Go…

Beauty and the beast

Beast loved Belle so much that he prioritized her needs at the expense of his own.

I think you will agree that one action sums up what love is. Being able to put someone else first. Love is selfless. What makes that action so special though, was that there was no guarantee Belle was ever going to return. Beast was not certain Belle had any love for him. There had been hints, actions which could reveal a deeper level of feeling but nothing solid. It broke his heart allowing her to leave but by doing this he gave her the grandest gesture of love anyone could give another person.

I always tell people Beast is the best Disney Prince because he gives the best gifts.

“After all this time, he’s finally learned to love.” – Mrs Potts

Beast gave Belle a library (which is my dream), a magic mirror, which enabled her to see what ever see wanted, (yet it was Beast’s only window to the outside world) and her freedom. Only by setting something someone free do we learn how much we truly love them and if they come back how much they truly love us.

I have never considered myself to have a romantic bone in my body but maybe, just maybe there is a very small romantic bone hiding somewhere.

As the saying goes “I would rather have a Beast that treats me like a princess, than a Prince who treats me like a slave.

Here’s to the Ones Who Dream…


L A   L A   L A N D 

Staring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

Director: Damien Chazelle

La La Land tells the story of Mia (Emma Stone) an inspiring young actress whose path seems destined to cross with struggling Jazz Musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). Both are finding it hard to realise their dreams in the city of angels, that wears down and crushes so many young hopefuls.


Spring came early with arrival of  La La Land. This vibrant musical was a delightful splash of colour on a drab and dreary winters day. With its catchy soundtrack and forever sunny “cinemascope” backdrop, leaving the cinema in a bad mood would be difficult.

Personally I have never felt as though the musical has ever died, but I do feel as though it has evolved. La La Land though hopefully hails the return of the iconic Hollywood musical. Many of the scenes look and feel iconic, strangely familiar with so many nods to the classic Hollywood Musical such as Singing in the Rain and an American in Paris. This movie moves with effortless ease from one scene to the next.


This is Stone and Goslings third movie outing together. The chemistry between them is palpable, causing the viewing audience to be sucked into their love story. Individually their performances work just as well and are equally convincing.Gosling learnt to play the jazz piano especially for this role and it does add something a little more tangible to his character. Stone’s performance was convincing but I found her singing weak compared to that of Goslings. Though her solo song “The Audition” (Here’s to the Ones who Dream) was probably my favourite song in the movie, that and of course City of Stars.


Overall this is a enjoyable feel good movie, bursting with colour and life with a pinch of melancholy for good measure. If you go and watch this movie looking for greatness you will leave slightly disappointed. Personally I do not understand all the buzz surrounding it. La La Land does not provide greatness but it does provide much needed relief from a sad dismal world.

Tale As Old As Time

I have not been to the cinema for a few weeks, so I thought I’d share a movie that I am really looking forward to seeing in 2017.

Beauty and The Beast (2017)

When I first heard that Disney were doing a live action version of my favourite Disney movie, I have to admit I was a little anxious.  Since it has been announced however I have been following every announcement and publicity shot. A couple of weeks ago the first official trailer was released and it has eased a few of my fears.

Now it really annoys me when people review trailers, so this is not a review of the trailer. It is just a few thoughts on the new movie.

I know whatever Disney does, usually turns out okay but there is always a first time.  My anxiety grew slightly when it was announced Emma Watson was going to be Belle. I am not a big Emma Watson fan, in other things I have found her more than just a little irritating. The trailer has relieved a little of anxiety, I think she is going to be okay…


One of the most exciting things about the new movie is how the objects look. I wondered if they were going to be exactly the same as the animated movie and I am pleased they have moved away from it. From what I can gather the look of the objects will evolve throughout the movie. All the objects look like they belong in a fine manor house or palace. I do love their new look especially the feather duster.


Dan Stevens is taking on the role of the Beast, which I was pleased about. I loved Dan in Downton Abbey and also a few other other things I have seen him in. The main reason I was pleased though was how much he looks like the Prince when the enchantment is broken. On the publicity stills however Beast looks like he is a little slimmer than the animated movie. It has taken me a while to get used to the new look beast. I suppose costume have had to make some changes due to practicality for the actors.

Speaking of costume – the costumes look spectacular. I feel a lot of Beauty and the Beast Cosplay happening over the next though years.

Now all we have to do is wait for the soundtrack. In the teaser trailer they used a variation of the music from the original animated movie. Now while part of me wants all the old songs in there and a complete reworking of the animated tale. There is another part of me that is hoping this movie is going to be a little darker and have a little less singing. There is a song in the Broadway Musical of Beauty and the Beast, which Beast sings as a solo that I love. A very big part of me wants that song to feature in some way, either as a song or part of monologue.

Beauty and the Beast is due to be released March 2017…

Coming To A Cinema Near You…

A list of 5 movies still to come for 2016.

There are only 3 Months left of the year but there are still plenty of Cinema Movies viewing still to come. So, here are 5 Movies I would like to see at the cinema before the end of the year.

Doctor Strange 


This is the latest offering from the Marvel-verse. I think it is due out in time for half-term in October. Doctor Strange is the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch – I love this guy. He is a great acting talent.



I saw the trailer for this recently and I was intrigued. I hope the movie is as good as the trailer… if not I spend a couple of hours staring at Chris Pratt, things could be worse.

Rogue One 


Now I have a love hate relationship with Star Wars. I love the music, the concept and the characters. I am not a great fan of story. However, I watched the Force Awakens on the plane to Florida and it has ignited my interest, so I am going to give this one chance.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 


I am not a fan of Harry Potter. If I am going to except the whole wizard thing, they have to be archetypal like Gandalf. I do however quite enjoy the idea of someone carrying a suitcase full of mythical creatures. It is unlikely I will see this film at the Cinema but I thought I would add it anyway.



This years Disney movie. I am always anxious in case it is not as good as I want it to be. I love Disney so much.

September’s Movies

List of Movies viewed by me during September – Not a great list.

A List of Movies I have watched this month

Not in any order as I cannot remember when I watched them and there is a possibility I may have missed some out.

First Viewings 


Bridget Jones’s Baby – 4/5  – This is the only movie I have had the pleasure of watching at the cinema this month. <<<Click Here for the Review>>>

In Your Dreams – 2/5  – A TV movie I found on Netflix and thought I would give it a go. Sometimes they are quite good. This one however was not really that good and was very predictable.

Once Upon A Holiday – 2/5 – Another TV movie. Cute but again very predictable.

The Kingsman: The Secret Service – 3/5 – It was okay!!!

Viewed Before (No Rating)

The Sound of Music – Always a favourite

10 Things I Hate About You 

The Phantom of the Opera 

The Princess Diaries 

The Princess Diaries 2 – A Royal Engagement 


The Holiday