101 Things To Do…

I love doing the 101 Lists as it helps me to focus my goals, get stuff done and gain a sense of achievement. It also motivates me, I have a tendency to procrastinate.

101 Things in a 1001 Days is one of my favourite challenges. I discovered the concept over 10 years ago now and this will be the fourth list I have compiled. I wish I could claim some kind of professional status but I have never completed all the items on any of my lists. The most I have completed is about 80% however, I have done a lot of things I would never have done otherwise.

I love doing the 101 Lists as it helps me to focus my goals, get stuff done and gain a sense of achievement. It also motivates me, I have a tendency to procrastinate.

My start date for the new list will be – THURSDAY 14 JULY 2016 and the 1001 Days will be completed on THURSDAY 11 APRIL 2019 which will be the day I turn 39 years old.  I will be posting my NEW 101 LIST on here on Thursday 30 June 2016. I am hoping it will be nearly completed by then… SO far I have about 40 items.

In the process of compiling and competing these lists I have made a few mistakes in past. I have been too ambitious and due to this I ended up abandoning my first list. However, I have also learnt a few lessons which I am going to share with you, and I hope you find them useful.

Remember to make your goals S M A R T.

SPECIFIC – What is it? – Don’t be vague. If you want to learn a language, state the language you want to learn. If you want to lose weight, how many pounds?

MEASURABLE – How many? or, How Much? Try not to put for example – Get Fit. Put how you are going to get fit such as walking for 30 minutes 3 times a week or train to run the London Marathon.

ATTAINABLE – Are you going to be able to achieve it? You might want to Back Pack around the World but have you got the funds to complete it?

RELEVANT – Life changes. What you can do today you might not be able to do tomorrow? Also, think about those who you are close too and whether any of the goals might affect them.

TIMELY – How long will it take you to complete? Work out a schedule as best you can.

DO – Think about the date. A lot of people choose to start these challenges on 1 January or on a significant birthday. I recommend having the significant date at the end of the list. That way your end date will be easier to remember and will stop you procrastinating.

DON’T – Be too ambitious. A 1001 Days does sound like a lot of time but in reality it is about 2.75 years and let’s face it, a lot can happen, circumstances can change. You might not have time to write a book, back pack round the world, learn 3 different languages, a new skill and spend more quality time with your family, while training to do the London Marathon.

LOOK –  At other peoples 101 Lists. Visit Day Zero Project, search on Google and Pinterest, there are loads of lists out there to get inspiration from. Need to work out your Dates? Use the Date Calculator.

I hope I have inspired you into compiling your own 101 List and I hope you come back to see my NEW 101 LIST. 

Till we meet again x

Once Bitten…

I tried to ignore my feelings…

I attempted to distract myself. I left the house, met new people, made plans for the future but nothing felt the same. At night my mind began to wander and I allowed myself to think about the possibilities, what if..?

The problem was…. I gave up, caved in, failed in my fight and left things unsaid… There was no closure. In truth, I really missed…. Blogging!

My last blog  “Lost Thoughts” (Getting Up Again For The 8th Time – on Blogger) began at a time in my life when I was lost. I started “Blogging” properly, I guess back in 2011. I had dabbled in it before but I had never been committed before then. I was unemployed, taking my old employer through a tribunal (which I won) and I was still trying to figure out certain aspects of my life.  However, things changed and life got better. My blog was successful but…

To be completely honest… I had changed! As much as I loved my Blog and I really did love it. We just weren’t compatible anymore. I attempted to change my blog, by moving it to WordPress but that was just a big mistake. So, I ended it… I deleted my blog and vowed never to blog again.

Once that Blogging Bug Bites though the urge never truly goes away. I was drawn to other peoples blogs. I would scourer Pinterest for blogs, I became obsessed with other peoples blogs and fantasizing about what I would post.

It was inevitable… I couldn’t fight it any longer, I had to go back to blogging.

Okay, it’s a bit of a weird first post but we all have to begin somewhere… and Welcome to my new blog – What Is Hoped For… This is the first step on what I hope will be a long and wonderful journey together.

The title is inspired by one of my favourite scriptures which can be found at Hebrews 11.1.

In brief this blog will cover most aspects of my life. I will review, share and ramble on and on about a variety of subjects. It is not dedicated to purely one subject, unless of course that subject is… Me! lol! I’m not usually so self-involved but… it’s true. Check out my About Me page.

Until we meet again…