W is for…



I haven’t done him looking very happy have I? Wheezy is a toy penguin who makes an appearance in Toy story 2.

Wheezy first comes to our attention gathering dust on the top shelf in Andy’s bedroom. Woody discovers him up there alone and forgotten, his squeaker is not squeaking anymore. This leads to Woody being taken by the Toy Collector as he goes to rescue Wheezy from the garage sale.

Wheezy appears at the end of the movie with a new squeaker and sings us out to “You have a friend me”.

I hope you like Wheezy. See you tomorrow for X…


V is for…

V I O L E T   P A R R

Violet Parr

Violet is the eldest child and only daughter of Bob and Helen Parr or as they are better known Mr Incredible and Elastigirl.  Violet appears with her parents and her two brothers, Dash and Jack-Jack in the animated super-hero caper The Incredibles.

When Violet is first introduced in the movie she has a few self esteem issues. She is shy, withdrawn and socially awkward. She prefers to hide behind her long hair. (The picture I have drawn is how I imagine her profile picture to look on social media.) Her personality appears to be reflected in her super powers. Violet has the power to turn herself invisible at will and also create a force field. Once she discovers her super powers and becomes part of the Incredibles Team, Violet’s confidence grows.

I suppose you could relate this to real life, once you know what your super power is, that thing your good at, your confidence grows. You become less of a shrinking violet and come out in full bloom.

If I could have one super power I would choose invisibility, though sometimes I believe I already have it.

I hope you like today’s drawing, see you tomorrow for W…



U is for…


Uku Lava

I love the Lava short by Pixar. I think it has to be my favourite one out of all the shorts. I love the concept, the song and animation. The story is told completely by song.

I know technically Uku is the main character in the story but the short – Lava was a supporting feature for Inside Out.

A long, long time ago… Uku is a lonely volcano who watches all the wildlife around him find mates over many, many years.  To combat his loneliness Uku sings a song of hope that one day he will find someone to “Lava”.

Little does Uku know but another volcano under the ocean is listening to his song. The other volcano – Lele, rises to the surface just as Uku becomes extinct. I have to admit I nearly cried. I watched this at the cinema before Inside Out. I cannot express to you how upset I would have been if this story did not have a happy ending.

If you haven’t seen it. Hopefully you can watch it below.

Hope you like today’s post. See you tomorrow for V…


T is for…

 T I N Y   T H E   T – R E X

Tiny 2

Tiny is a Tyrannosaurus Rex who appears in Meet The Robinson’s. Tiny was briefly under the control of the Bowler Hat guy’s, Mini Doris but then he became a pet to the Robinsons.

“I have a big head and little arms. I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through.”

Tiny may be one of the biggest reptiles on the planet but once he is not under the control of Mini Doris, he behaves like a puppy.

I decided to show you the picture I copied to get Tiny. It is not exactly the same I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating due to my mouth. I still have a hole where the crown was and it is getting sorer every day.

Tiny 1

I hope you like my picture today. See you tomorrow for U …


Slimming Sunday… Post 7

Slimming Sunday is a week early this month due to my participation in the A to Z April Challenge. I hope you are enjoying my drawings. I think I am finding my creative feet again which is good for my well-being. I have realised that having a creative outlet in my life is important so I need to make room for it. Below are all my drawings so far… 

So, far not a lot of weight has been lost. Though my clothes still feel as though they are getting looser, which is weird! Maybe they are stretching?

I have been for yet more blood tests but they have finished for now. I need to go back to the Doctors at some point for the results. A prescription came through the post the other day for Vitamin D. Mine apparently is low again.

Then as if to just put the finishing touch on a variety of problems this month – my crown has come off my tooth and I could not get a dentist appointment. I now have a hole in my tooth.

Doing this post I have realised I need to call Slimming Sunday something else because I’m not just focusing on my weight loss any more. 

P L A N S   F O R   M A Y 

During May I am going to focus on – ROUTINE.  I need to get into a routine with exercising, healthy lunches for work (I really need to get into th s), doing creative work, etc…

For the past six months or so I have suffered from a sever lack of motivation. Besides feeling unwell I think I have been depressed. In fact I know I have been depressed. I have been trying to ignore it and just carry on with things but everything has a breaking point. I hit this a couple of weeks ago. The problem is I did not realise. It has only been in reflection that I now realise what happened.

At this point I want to just add I am not desperately unhappy with my life. My life is good there are just a few aspects that I need to get rid of and currently I do not know how to do this. This is why I need to get into a routine because then maybe the bad aspects will disappear. I don’t want to say what those things are that need changing because I don’t want to ignite something I am unable to control.

In the past I have suffered from sever depression a couple of times. Reflecting on those times is hard but finding the triggers for those incidents is easy. This time it has been more subtle and has crept up on me slowly. At the moment just getting out of bed in the morning is a huge challenge. If I could find a way to live my life without ever leaving the house I would be very happy.  Being with people or near people is extremely draining for me and I’m finding it very difficult to cope.  This is why I need to set up a routine. Mental Health problems are not always obvious. Those who suffer find it difficult to talk about it and if they are anything like me it is not an easy thing to explain.

Anyway I don’t want this post to be gloomy that is not my intention.  Next months post will hopefully be more positive. You never know how I’m feeling may be due to the fact that various vitamins and minerals in my body are currently off kilter. Once these are sorted I may feel a lot better. The quote below sums up how I’m going to do things from now on. 

Things to do…

Regular Exercise – 3 times a week

Healthy Lunches for Work

Do Something Creative at least twice a week

Find my Motivation

Come up with a new name for – Slimming Sunday 

Next post end of May … with a new name (hopefully and a new look) xx 

S is for…

S E R G E A N T   T I B B S

Sgt Tibbs


Sergeant Tibbs makes an appearance in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. He is the sidekick to a dog who is known as the Colonel and a horse called Captain.

Sergeant Tibbs helps the puppies escape from Hell Hall, Cruella De Vil’s manor.

I am not overly happy with this picture as I have had to do it pretty quick due to another project I am working on. Once I have completed it I will share the photo’s on here.

See on Monday for the Letter T… and tomorrow for Slimming Sunday.



R is for…



Rhino appears in Disney’s animated adventure – Bolt. Despite his name Rhino is not a huge armoured beast, in fact Rhino is a Hamster.

Rhino happens to be Bolts biggest fan and is super excited when he meets his canine hero. Rhino is very comical.

As well as appearing in Bolt, Rhino also has his own short – Super Rhino. In this short Rhino gets given super powers like Bolt.

I hope you like today’s post.. see you tomorrow for S…