Florida Memories 2 #ThrowBackThursday




Following on from last weeks post here is a quick throwback to our time at Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure.

Personally I enjoyed the Islands of Adventure more than the Universal Studios. This may just have been due to the amount of Marvel Characters that were wandering around. My daughters favourite Marvel Character is Captain America and she really enjoyed meeting him.


However, instead of meeting Superheros I was more interested in meeting a dinosaur. At Islands of Adventure in the Jurassic Park area there is an opportunity to meet a Velociraptor. I queued up twice to do this. The first time we queued for about 5 minutes and they got notification there was going to be a storm. The Velociraptors are not allowed out when there is a storm. However, the second time was more successful.


It was a very strange experience. My daughter refused to meet the Raptor so it was just me.


As well as the Raptor experience there is also a Jurassic Park River Boat ride, be warned you do get very wet. There is also the Jurassic Park Discovery Centre as well as a Jeep and Dinosaur decorations for photo opportunities.


We also got to go on Kong: Skull Island which was quite new. I think it was opened a month before we went. Like most of the rides around Universal Studios it was a 3D experience but the queue was fun. If you haven’t been on the ride be careful of the holes in the walls, there is a surprise in them.


One of the biggest rides there is Incredible Hulk Coaster, though we never rode on it, we both chickened out.

View of Hulk Coaster from Mythos Restaurant 

As well as the rides it is worth mentioning Mythos Restaurant. We decided we were going to try it as loads of people were on about how popular it was. We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table maybe, not too long. Though most people make a reservation. The services was great and we had a wonderful times

What I enjoyed most was the attention to detail around the Island. There are lots of nice surprises you just have to look carefully to see them


I hope you enjoyed my quick tour of Islands of Adventure, there is a lot more to see and do than I have mentioned. These were just my highlights.

Florida Memories #ThrowBackThursday

Ever since I was old enough to be aware of the wonder that was Orlando in Florida, I made it my mission to get there one day. Last year I fulfilled that dream.  So, here is a quick memory from last year.

Myself and my daughter spent 22 days in Orlando spending the majority of the time at Walt Disney World however a year ago today we left our Disney bubble and spent 7 days at Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Studio’s.

This is the photo of part of the resort I took with our first hour of being there, I think. It was such a lovely hotel. It had only opened a few weeks before our stay there so everything felt fresh and new.

Sapphire Falls

We were given our room passes which we kept on lanyards around our neck. I went for a Jurassic Park themed lanyard and my daughters was Captain America.

Universal Passs

This was our room. It was so comfortable.

Sapphire Falls Room

After a couple of hours of exploring the hotel and sorting out our stuff we caught the boat to City Walk.

Universal studioCW

Our holiday in Orlando was wonderful. It was definitely made up of the stuff dreams are made of. However this is supposed to be a brief Throwback Thursday Memory that I wanted to share with you.  Don’t worry though I have plenty more things to share with you at some point in the future.


The Day After the Year Before

The birth of each new year provides us with anticipation, new possibilities, challenges along with joy and hope for the year ahead. Apart from looking forward it also gives us a chance to reflect on the previous year, learn from our mistakes, maybe shed a tear and smile at fond memories.

I think it would be safe to say that 2016 is was memorable and not always for good reasons. Maybe when we look back from some point in the future all will become clear, 2016 could in fact be a pivotal year in human history however only time will tell.

At this point I could go on about Brexit, Donald Trump, Terror Attacks, Natural Disasters and of course the amount of surprising celebrity deaths that we have witnessed during 2016. I have seen so many social media posts highlighting these points that I refuse to add to the multitude. Instead I am going to be completely selfish and talk about me.

Below are a few of my highlights from 2016 and why it will always be memorable for me.

G E O R G I A – R O S E

2016 was a big year for my daughter, Georgia-Rose a year of endings and new beginnings. In March she made the decision to get baptised after a trying few months. It was a wonderful day and we finished it off with a meal with some lovely people from our Kingdom Hall.


Then she sat her GCSE’s which was a stressful few months for her from April to June. However her GCSE results were wonderful the result of all her hard work. This of course meant that she would be finishing school. I cannot believe I have a daughter who has left school.


In September she began College and is currently studying History and Classical Civilisations at A-Level. I can’t believe my baby is nearly all grown up.

 F L O R I D A 


I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams and actually stayed at Walt Disney World. My daughter and myself spent three weeks in Orlando with two weeks at Walt Disney World resort and one week at Universal Studios. It was a truly magical experience. We both loved Walt Disney World so much we hope to go back one day, but at least we can say we have been there.


There were so many highlights from that holiday which I still do intend on sharing with you all at some point in the future.  One which I will mention though was the night we spent at the Hard Rock Cafe. The staff were so lovely and entertaining, the food was also amazing, not to mention the cocktails. It was so much.

T H E   T O W E R   O F   L O N D O N 


Another place I got to visit this year was the Tower of London. My mother had always wanted to go and this year we actually got there. I love visiting places of historical interest. What was great about the Tower of London though was that they have preserved some of the graffiti the prisoners had carved into the wall. It also holds the crown jewels and it was great to see them close up.

F A V O U R I T E   M O V I E   O F  T H E  Y E A R


I have thought about this a lot and I have decided that The Jungle Book is my favourite movie of 2016. I have based this purely on my own emotional response to the movie and the fact I have watched it several times. At Animal Kingdom there was a Jungle Book show which was fantastic, I think that may have helped this decision.

So, that was just a few of my highlights of 2016. I could have added so many more but I am afraid it would of got boring after a while. I hope you liked them? Till Tomorrow.


Last Post of 2016

For the past month you may or not… have noticed my absence from this blog. This is so I could concentrate on some projects that I have been ignoring for a while. It also has given me time to reflect, to grow on what I have learnt about myself during 2016 and What I Hope for 2017.

 2016 was a year of rest for me, personal growth and deciding what I a really want from my life.

I have had the rest and it has been well received. I believe I have grown as a person it may not be obvious to others but inside I feel different. The only thing I have not really concluded is what I want from my life. I suppose this has been hindered by ill health this year. There was something I really wanted to be but I due to my health I don’t think it is ever going to happen. Due to this I have had to change my plans. I have new plans and once they are finalised I will share them with you.

Like every Year I have a set of Goals I hope to achieve during 2017. Most of these are centred around my 101 List… I have 831 days left to complete my goals on that.

I have two new goals to add to it for 2017.

I have a whole post planned for my goals set for Monday 2 January 2017. 

Of course one of my goals is to maintain this blog, which means posting at least once a week. This of course like most good intentions will begin tomorrow the first day of the brand new year. I have tried throughout the year to be more focused on here and I have failed. 2017 will see a more focused blogger.

Not a very long post just really to remind you that I am still alive and have plans. SO, if you have the pleasure of reading this on the brink of the New Year.

Stay safe, be happy and remember where there is life there is hope.


Booktober Challenge Post 31

List of books I have read this year. – So Far

The last post of the challenge – A little boring perhaps.

L I S T   O F   B O O K S   R E A D   T H I S   Y E A R


  1. A Long Way Down – Nick Hornby
  2. Persuasion – Jane Austen
  3. A Royal Wedding – Meg Cabot
  4. One Night in Italy – Lucy Diamond
  5. The Hidden Cottage – Erica James
  6. Little Shop of Happily Ever After – Jenny Colgan
  7. Yours Truly – Kirsty Greenwood
  8. Me Before You – Jojo Moyes
  9. The Beast Within – Serena Valentino
  10. The Little Book Shop of Lonely Hearts – Annie Darling
  11. Return to Mandalay – Rosanna Ley (currently reading)


Booktober Challenge Post 30

Currently reading

The penultimate post… I have mixed feelings. I have really enjoyed this challenge and will be sad that it has ended. On the other hand I am looking forward to posting other things besides book posts.

W H A T   A R E   C U R R E N T L Y   R E A D I N G ?

T A K E   A N O T H E R   B O O K   S E L F I E


I am looking a mess today so I decided not to appear in the book selfie. So, above is the photo of the book I am currently reading.

R E T U R N   T O   M A N D A L A Y 


I am about a third of the way through the book and I am really enjoying it. The majority of the book is set in Burma which is really interesting. The main characters grandfather spent time in Burma during the war and so did my grandfather, so it really interests me. I do intend to catch up on my book reviews so I will post a review once completed.

Booktober Challenge Post 29

One of the best books I read during 2015

T H E   B E S T   B O O K   I   R E A D   L A S T   Y E A R

This is where keeping a record on Goodreads comes in handy, otherwise I would have no idea what books I read last year (I have slept since then).

E L I Z A B E T H   I S   M I S S I N G



This novel is a creative mix of a few genres and I was quite surprised that I enjoyed it. The book itself has received mixed reviews. Even though I enjoyed it, I also have mixed feelings about it.

Maude is more than just a little forgetful and is now living more in the past than the present. Her days are jumbled and she is confused about the disappearance of her friend Elizabeth. While Maude is trying to find her friend she is inadvertently solving a mystery from the past.

I admired the authors attempt at writing from the viewpoint of someone with dementia. The novel does not shy away from the challenges faced by both Maude and also her daughter. I have to admit to being a little bit disappointed with the mystery element of the novel. On the whole though the book was very well written and a well written book is always a delight.