A to Z Reflections Post

I have really enjoyed participating in the A to Z April Blogging Challenge this year. Views on my blog have been good and I have had some lovely comments. The best thing about the challenge though was finding some wonderful new bloggers.

I have listed a few of my favourites. (In no particular order)

Abbie’s Adventure Diaries  –  Abbie’s A – Z theme was things she had learnt by the time she was 30. Knocking on 40’s door (nearly) I was curious to know if they were similar things to what I had learnt. Quite a lot of them were.

Milly’s Guide  –  Milly’s Guide for the A- Z was centred around Mental Health. I have had Mental Health issues in the past and over the past few months due to some personal struggles they have been trying to resurface.  Reading this blog has helped me identify some warning signs and has made me re-think certain strategies before they get any worse.

Natalie Westgate – Natalie’s A – Z theme was A Secret Diary of A Serial Killer. This was great I loved getting a new chapter everyday. If you have not read it yet, you should. Go there now… Hang on read this first, then go!

Dorky Mom Doodles – This was a lovely little gem. Kids are so funny and the doodles that go with the posts are delightful.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to mention all the other wonderful blogs I discovered. I especially liked one who I cannot find now who put pictures of various hot men for every letter.

Linky List  – Yes or No

I did miss the Linky List this year. Due to being in pain during the last week (I lost a filling/crown mentioned in previous posts so won’t bore you again) I did not link my posts on any other social media or the A to Z blogs as I had scheduled my posts. Inevitably this led to the amount of views on these posts being significantly few. I also noticed that I only had 3 referrals from the A to Z website yet loads through the WordPress version and WordPress in general.

However, even though views on my blog are nice, it was harder to find blogs. I managed to visit at least 6 new ones plus the ones I decided to follow everyday. I used to like going through the list and knowing where I was. There were a lot of occasions when I clicked on the same blogs over and over again, not by choice. I understand the list is a lot of work for the moderators, but I did miss it.

Overall I really enjoyed participating in the A to Z Challenge 2017. Looking forward to next year.


Z is for…

Z I G G Y   T H E   V U L T U R E 


Ziggy is one of four vultures who appear in the animated tale of The Jungle Book. The other three vultures are called Buzzie, Flaps and Dizzy. Together they appear to parody The Beatles. I read somewhere that The Beatles were meant to voice the vultures but due to other commitments they were unable to attend the recording. I have no idea how true that is? But it would be nice if it was.

I love the vultures in the cartoon. When I was younger we used to have a show every school holidays called Disney Time. Back then we had very little in the way of Disney Home video and at the time where I lived lacked a decent cinema. Due to this classics such as The Jungle Book were not seen by children of my generation. That was why Disney Time was so popular, we got to see small sections of all these classic Disney movies we never got to watch.

One of the clips I remember loving was that of the vultures. I remember watching them tease Mowgli and loving the way moved. They move as though they are shrugging their shoulders all the time and sort of bounce. They also sing a song called “that’s what friends are for”.

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures over the A to Z Challenge. Some have been more successful than others. Thank you all for visiting, liking and all the lovely comments.

Back to normal blogging now…


Y is for…

I do apologise for my posts this past week as I did schedule them all last Saturday due to being in pain. Well you will all be pleased to know that last night I had a really good sleep after having a week of pain. I lost a crown/filling last Thursday night and it was so deep it disturbed the nerve. My tooth was also quite sharp and kept cutting my mouth. My mouth is still sore but after visiting the dentist yesterday I now have a temporary filling and at the moment it is all good. It will get sorted out properly on the 16th May.

So this it the penultimate post on the A to Z Challenge…. It has gone so fast.

Y is for… 




Yao appears in the animated movie Mulan as solider in the Chinese Army. Yao is usually found with his friends Ling and Chien Po.

Yao is the shortest of the Trio and also appears to think himself the leader of the three. Yao is also quick tempered and Chien Po is often required to cool him down. Yao initially dislikes Mulan due to Mushu insulting him, however they later become friends.

Yao, Ling and Chien Po help Mulan as she saves the Emperor by dressing as concubines. This is the image I chose to draw as I love that part of the movie.

Mulan definitely appears in my Top 10 Disney Movies.

I hope you like today’s drawing. See you tomorrow for Z… the last day… sob!!



X is for…

X – C A L I B U R


Okay I cheated – I know it is spelt Excalibur but there are no Disney Characters that begin with X. I have searched and searched nothing.

Excalibur is the mythical sword that appears in The Sword in The Stone. Legend stated that whoever was able to draw the sword out of the stone would become the next King of England. In the legend the sword drawer was of course Arthur. In Disney’s version Arthur is a young orphan who is known by his carers as Wart.

Wart is befriended by Merlin after stumbling across his cabin in the woods. Merlin has a pet owl called Archimedes who talks like a human. Archimedes also teaches Wart to fly.

I apologise for my drawing today. Only there was not a lot to go on. See you tomorrow for Y…


W is for…



I haven’t done him looking very happy have I? Wheezy is a toy penguin who makes an appearance in Toy story 2.

Wheezy first comes to our attention gathering dust on the top shelf in Andy’s bedroom. Woody discovers him up there alone and forgotten, his squeaker is not squeaking anymore. This leads to Woody being taken by the Toy Collector as he goes to rescue Wheezy from the garage sale.

Wheezy appears at the end of the movie with a new squeaker and sings us out to “You have a friend me”.

I hope you like Wheezy. See you tomorrow for X…


V is for…

V I O L E T   P A R R

Violet Parr

Violet is the eldest child and only daughter of Bob and Helen Parr or as they are better known Mr Incredible and Elastigirl.  Violet appears with her parents and her two brothers, Dash and Jack-Jack in the animated super-hero caper The Incredibles.

When Violet is first introduced in the movie she has a few self esteem issues. She is shy, withdrawn and socially awkward. She prefers to hide behind her long hair. (The picture I have drawn is how I imagine her profile picture to look on social media.) Her personality appears to be reflected in her super powers. Violet has the power to turn herself invisible at will and also create a force field. Once she discovers her super powers and becomes part of the Incredibles Team, Violet’s confidence grows.

I suppose you could relate this to real life, once you know what your super power is, that thing your good at, your confidence grows. You become less of a shrinking violet and come out in full bloom.

If I could have one super power I would choose invisibility, though sometimes I believe I already have it.

I hope you like today’s drawing, see you tomorrow for W…



U is for…


Uku Lava

I love the Lava short by Pixar. I think it has to be my favourite one out of all the shorts. I love the concept, the song and animation. The story is told completely by song.

I know technically Uku is the main character in the story but the short – Lava was a supporting feature for Inside Out.

A long, long time ago… Uku is a lonely volcano who watches all the wildlife around him find mates over many, many years.  To combat his loneliness Uku sings a song of hope that one day he will find someone to “Lava”.

Little does Uku know but another volcano under the ocean is listening to his song. The other volcano – Lele, rises to the surface just as Uku becomes extinct. I have to admit I nearly cried. I watched this at the cinema before Inside Out. I cannot express to you how upset I would have been if this story did not have a happy ending.

If you haven’t seen it. Hopefully you can watch it below.

Hope you like today’s post. See you tomorrow for V…