Special & Awareness Days – July 2017

Here is a list of Special and Awareness Days that are marked for July. I hope this post helps inspire your blog posts.


Picnic Month

Water Colour Month

Ice Cream Month

Independent Retailer Month


3rd – 9th – World Sarcoma Awareness Week

24th – 30th – National Parks Week


  1. Canada Day / Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day / Second Half of the Year Day
  2. World UFO Day
  3. Disobedience Day
  4. Independence Day
  5. Bikini Day
  6. International Kissing Day
  7. Global Forgiveness Day / Tell The Truth Day / Chocolate Day
  8.  –
  9. Don’t Step on A Bee Day / Teddy Bear Picnic Day
  10. World Population Day
  11. Different Coloured Eyes Day
  12. International Rock Day / Embrace Your Inner Geek Day
  13. Shark Awareness Day
  14. World Snake Day / Guinea Pig Appreciation Day
  15. World Day for International Justice / World Emoji Day
  16. World Jump Day / Moon Day
  17. Junk Food Day
  18. Samaritans Awareness Day / Tell an Old Joke Day
  19. One Voice Day / All or Nothing Day
  20. World Hepatitis Day
  21. International Tiger Day
  22. World Friendship Day / Paperback Book Day
  23. World Day Against Trafficking in Persons / World Ranger Day


Hello May…

April has flown by and time as they say waits for no man or woman. This post is of course delayed due to my participation in the A to Z April Challenge, I’m sure none of you mind though.

So, I’m combining what are usually two posts… Hello May… and Awareness & Special Days

May ‘s banner theme :  Finding Nemo

Nemo Banner

May’s Quote : “My goal is to create a life I don’t need to take a vacation from.”

M A Y 

Awareness and Special Days 

Below is a list of Awareness and Special Days which may or may not… inspire your any blogging blocks this month.

Month : 

National Walking Month

Share A Story Month

Local and Community History Month

Weeks : 

2nd – 8th May – Donkey Week / Family Safety Week

6th – 12th May – Real Bread Week / National Doughnut Week / Red Cross Week

8th – 14th May – Coeliac Disease Awareness Week / Mental Health Week

14th – 20th May – Dementia Awareness Week / British Sandwich Week

15th – 21st May – Vegetarian Week / Learning at Work Week / Walk to School Week

27th May – 3rd June – English Wine Week / National Canoeing Week

29th May – 4th June – National BBQ Week

Days : 

  1. May Day / Mother Goose Day / Hawaiian Lei Day
  2. World Asthma Day
  3.  –
  4.  Star Wars Day
  5.  Space Day / Day of the Midwife / Save lives and clean your hands day
  6.  –
  7. International Day of the Dawn Chorus
  8. No Socks Day
  9. Europe Day / Lost Socks Day
  10. World Lupus Day / Bike to School Day
  11. Twilight Zone Day / Eat What You Want Day
  12. M.E Awareness Day / Nurse Day / National Limerick Day
  13. National Train Day / World Fair Trade Day / National Mills Weekend
  14. National Children’s Day
  15. International Day of the Family
  16. World Hypertension Day / International Museum Day
  17. World Aids Vaccine Day
  18. Spinal Cord Injury Awareness / Great British Fish and Chip Supper Day
  19. World Goth Day
  20. World Turtle Day
  21. National Missing Children’s Day
  22. European Neighbours Day
  23.  World Hunger Day
  24. International Peace Keepers Day
  25. No Tobacco Day / World M.S Day

Awareness & Special Days – April

Argh… It’s April tomorrow! Where has the time gone?  A quarter of the year has passed by already.

So, here is my monthly list of of things that are happening in April. These are things I come across on the internet that I find interesting.


A – Z April Challenge – My theme “Disney Sidekicks”

National Pet Month

Stress Awareness Month

IBS Awareness Month

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month


10th – 16th – Parkinson’s Awareness Week / National Gardening Week

17th – 23rd – Male Cancer Awareness Week

24th – 30th – European Immunisation Week / Family Safety Week / National Stationery Week


  1. April Fools Day
  2. Hans Christian Anderson Day / International Children’s Book Day / World Autism Awareness Day
  3.  Find a Rainbow Day
  4.  –
  5.  Star Trek First Contact Day / Pizza day
  6.  New Beers Eve
  7.  World Health Day / Walk to Work Day
  8. Draw A Bird Day
  9. National Siblings Day
  10. Nissan 14 Memorial of Jesus Christ
  11. Titanic Remembrance Day
  12. World Voice Day
  13. World Haemophilia Day
  14. National Wear a Flower Day
  15. National Skipping Day
  16. National Mother Earth Day
  17. The London Marathon / World Book Night / Shakespeare’s Anniversary Day
  18. World Malaria Day / World Penguin Day
  19. World Intellectual Property Day
  20. Tour de Yorkshire
  21. International Dance Day / International Astronomy Day
  22. International Jazz Day

Hope you all have a good April and if you are completing the A – Z April Challenge, Have a happy blogging month



Awareness & Special Days – March

Every month I will be posting any Awareness Days or Special Days/Weeks I am aware of for that month. This will mainly be for the UK but I will try and included as many as I can. I find it easier to plan my blog posts when I know certain days or events are occurring.

If you know of any other events, Awareness/Special Days – Leave a comment, let me know.



  • Women’s History Month
  • Ovarian & Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
  • Marie Curie – Daffodil Appeal
  • National Bed Month
  • Kidney Month
  • Umbrella Month
  • Craft Month
  • Multiple Sclerosis Month
  • Nutrition Month



6th – 12th March – British Pie Week

13th – 19th March – Nutrition & Hydration Week


  1. Self Injury Awareness Day / World Compliment Day
  2. World Book Day / Dr Seuss Day
  3. World Wildlife Day
  4.  –
  5.  –
  6.  –
  7. Unique Names Day
  8. International Women’s Day / No Smoking Day
  9. World Kidney Day / Barbie Day
  10. Pack Your Lunch Day / Awesomeness Day
  11. National Singles Day
  12. Pi Day
  13. No Selfie Day
  14. World Sleep Day
  15. Earth Hour
  16. International Day of Happiness / A -Z Challenge Theme Reveal Blogfest / World Storytelling Day
  17. International Day of Forests / World Poetry Day
  18. World Water Day
  19. Red Nose Day – Comic Relief
  20. Tolkien Reading Day
  21. World Bipolar Day
  22. Wear a Hat Day for Brain Tumour Research #Hatastic


Awareness & Special Days – February

Every month I will be posting any Awareness Days or Special Days/Weeks I am aware of for that month. This will mainly be for the UK but I will try and included as many as I can. I find it easier to plan my blog posts when I know certain days or events are occurring.



  • Heart Month
  • Raynard’s Awareness Month – Love Your Gloves
  • Hot Breakfast Month
  • Library Lovers Month
  • Bird Feeding Month


28th January – 4 February – National Story Telling Week

6th – 12th – Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week #itsnotok


  1.  –
  2. World Wetlands Day / Hedgehog Day
  3. Bubblegum Day
  4. World Cancer Day / National Libraries Day
  5.  World Nutella Day
  6.  –
  7.  Safer Internet Day / Send a Card to a Friend Day / Ballet Day
  8. Opera Day
  9.  National Pizza Day
  10. Make a Friend Day
  11.  Lost Penny Day
  12.  Radio Day
  13.  Valentines Day
  14. Singles Awareness Day
  15.  –
  16. Random Acts of Kindness Day
  17. World Whale Day / Drink Wine Day / Pluto Day
  18. Love Your Pet Day
  19. International Stand Up to Bullying Day
  20. Tell a Fairy Tale Day
  21. Eating Disorder Awareness Day (Silly Socks – www.b-eat.co.uk)
  22. Tooth Fairy Day


How Can Life Go ON?

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

Our lives can change in an instant. Time and unforeseen occurrences can befall us all. 99.9% of the time we don’t worry about it. We wake every morning and go about our own familiar routine. Life in the first world for most of us is relatively easy. We have a voice, we have an opinion and we allowed to air them. We are allowed to choose our own lifestyle and can worship or practice whatever religion we feel compelled too, or not!  Most of us simply exist and we are quite happy to do this.

Now imagine this…

One day there is an announcement by the government, it’s breaking news, everyone is talking about it. Everyone who is “different” has to sign a register.  By “different” of course anyone who does not conform to that government. Anyone who is foreign, has different colour skin, has a disability, is not a member of the state church or maybe anyone that believes in God, anyone who leads an alternative lifestyle or just anyone who does not fit in?  What would your reaction be? Would you have to sign the register?

We remember the Holocaust and we think of all the people who died because one man decided that those people should not belong in the world. He called it Ethnic Cleansing.

This years theme is: How can life go on?

Three people spring into my head when I think about this theme.




For the VICTIM of course life does not go on. They are the fodder. They die for no reason just on the whim of those in power. It is the family and friends of the victim that have to go on.

The PERPETRATOR now here is mixed bag. Of course it begins with the one who gives the order, but what about those who follow the orders? They follow the orders because if they don’t they become the victim. It doesn’t make it right but that’s what a lot of people do they go along with who ever holds the power. Simply because they are selfish and they are looking at saving their own skin. When that person loses power, who will protect them then?

Auschwitz Children

The SURVIVOR who was once the victim. They have to pick up their lives after their ordeal. They are the ones who have to voice their experiences, they have to tell whoever will listen what they were forced to experience. Forced to live back in a society that only a short time since refused to acknowledge their existence. To live side by side next to those who once spit at them in the streets, who turned them into the authorities when all they were trying to do was protect their families. People who they once trusted, who used to smile at them in the street, who turned into enemies under the influence of a tyrannical leader and then wanted to see them exterminated.

How can you go back and live with those people?

How Can Life Go ON?

Life goes on and it does carry on but anyone that lives through a traumatic experience is never the same again.

For those of us who read the experiences of those in the Holocaust, Darfur, Bosnia, Rwanda and Cambodia, we all should take heed. Ethnic Cleansing has occurred on more than one occasion and unfortunately it could happen again. Who will you be? Victim, Perpetrator, Survivor? Hopefully, you will be a voice. The voice of one who refuses to participate in the annihilation of another human being.

Life can only go on… once we find a way to live in peace with each other. Once we all realise that no matter the colour of our skin, our ethnic background etc… that we are all basically the same and that everyone has the right to live in this world.