Its a Blogs Life…

Well my Blogging activity during the month of May has certainly taken a nose dive. I did have a few posts planned for last week but after the Terrorist Attack in Manchester on Monday night I decided that perhaps it was not the time for frivolities. Out of respect for the 22 people who died I decided that I would not post anything for last week.


Sometimes the evil that surfaces in this world just knocks me off my feet. I cannot believe that anyone anywhere can justify what that wicked man did. Targeting young children is just the most sickening thing imaginable. My heart really does go out to all those who have lost someone and those whose lives will never be the same again.

Now back to frivolities… 

Having the week free from Blogging Activities gave me a chance to reflect on how I want to move my Blog forward. Blogs tend to evolve over time and I really want this to be the best reflection of me.


I am thinking of giving my blog a “Make Over”.  I am not a 100% sure how I want to do it? I need to have a little play and see what I think might work. I do know that I want it to include my own Art Work. At the moment I am changing the Banner every month with a Disney theme. Usually the picture is from a poster or something someone else has produced. I think it would be nice if I could produce my own banner, with my own drawings or photo’s maybe…

I also want my whole blog to be more visual, more photo’s, better featured images etc…

I want something I can be really proud of. I am also planning on going though my post categories and tags etc.. Going through old posts, making it all nicer.

Monthly Themes 

I am going to stick with the monthly themes though I will be moving away from Disney. I am planning on having a Roald Dahl Month in September and a Jane Austen Month in December for example. These months will feature book and movie reviews related to that author. Hopefully some interesting facts and some artwork I have produced on the selected theme.

Slimming Sunday

Yesterday should have been my Slimming Sunday post for May. As you may or may not have noticed, it did not happen.

Last month I made a fleeting comment that Slimming Sunday was going to have a name change as this post tends to encompass a lot more than just my failed slimming attempts. I need a name that is going to reflect all the nonsense that I babble on about. I will announce the new name on Sunday. (when I have come up with it! lol!)

From June I will also be making these posts fortnightly rather than monthly. I’m hoping that this may motivate me to a bit more proactive than what I am actually being.

Lists, Lists and More Lists… 

I am trying to create my Ultimate Bucket List.

I am going to include things I have already completed in the past so I can keep track of achievements. There maybe some posts on this in the future.

The 101 List has also been a little neglected over the past few months or so. I will be looking at completing a few items on there over the next few weeks.

As well as those lists, I will be looking a other lists I can include, maybe some challenges.

Bullet Journal 

I have been really hopeless with this. I have forgotten all about it. From June I am going to have to begin this again. Expect photo’s on this…

I do have other plans but I think this is enough for one post. I am really looking forward to making this blog more me and including more of my creative side.



Getting Behind

My quote for February is –

“The Worst Enemy to Creativity is Self-Doubt” – Sylvia Plath

How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something because you have lacked confidence in your own ability? If you are anything like me, so many times that I have lost count. I have been plagued with self-doubt most of my life. There are many reasons behind this and I can sit here all day self analysing but it won’t make any difference. The only thing that will make anything change is – ACTION.  

In the words of The King (Elvis), “a little less conversation and a little more action please”.

This month (in between the migraines) I have been trying to be more active in various aspects of my life. Spiritually, Mentally, Physically and of course Creatively. In all of these aspects I have tried to put self doubt to the back of me and push myself into trying new things or improving on what I already know.

There has only been one hindrance to this (well, two if you include migraines) – I decided I was going to organise my bedroom and buy some new bedroom furniture. So, I broke my old bedroom furniture up. Half of my possessions are in bags in the conservatory, the other half in boxes and bags in my bedroom. The New wardrobe has arrived but the new chest of drawers… still waiting. Until this arrives I am unable to organise myself, as I want to move my room around and create a work station etc… I am roughly three weeks behind in my plan at the moment, which is annoying.

On a positive note though, it is giving me more time to research and formulate ideas.

I am still working on my 101 List and I am playing with the Bullet Journal. I hope to update you soon on some other things I am planning on doing.

Looking forward to the A – Z April Challenge. I think I have my theme sorted?

Next Sunday I will be of course be posting my Slimming Sunday post thinking about what I will be posting now. Hopefully there will be a few posts between now and then. I apologise of course for the lack of photo’s in today’s post. So, here is a photo that always makes me smile. Sea Otters holding hands so they don’t drift away from each other. 🙂


Hope you all have a good week.


A to Z April Blogging Challenge


A few years ago I stumbled across the A to Z April Blogging Challenge. How I found the website I cannot remember, I think it may have been through a random blog I found via Pinterest, but I cannot be sure. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

I participated for a couple of years with the exception of last year and this year I hope to do so again.

If you are a new blogger, just starting out in this huge minefield or just want to draw a little more attention to your blog. I recommend that you take part in what will be one of your best blogging months of all time.

So, what is it?

In simple terms you post everyday in April with the exception of Sunday for each letter of the alphabet. This year though the last Sunday in April is a posting day as there are 5 Sundays in April.

You can choose a theme, which I would recommend or you can go ad-hoc. Most people choose themes that fit in with there blog or interests. Some Blog’s that I have visited in previous challenges have chosen a word or a title and then wrote a story, which I always enjoy.

There is a big reveal day – though I don’t know when this is at the moment for this year. Everyone does a post on this day to tell everyone their theme for April.

I hope I have persuaded and promoted this activity enough for you all to want to join in. For more information and the Blogging Schedule. Please visit the Official website –

They also have a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account.

Look out for my theme reveal – Coming Soon… Hopefully!


Last Post of 2016

For the past month you may or not… have noticed my absence from this blog. This is so I could concentrate on some projects that I have been ignoring for a while. It also has given me time to reflect, to grow on what I have learnt about myself during 2016 and What I Hope for 2017.

 2016 was a year of rest for me, personal growth and deciding what I a really want from my life.

I have had the rest and it has been well received. I believe I have grown as a person it may not be obvious to others but inside I feel different. The only thing I have not really concluded is what I want from my life. I suppose this has been hindered by ill health this year. There was something I really wanted to be but I due to my health I don’t think it is ever going to happen. Due to this I have had to change my plans. I have new plans and once they are finalised I will share them with you.

Like every Year I have a set of Goals I hope to achieve during 2017. Most of these are centred around my 101 List… I have 831 days left to complete my goals on that.

I have two new goals to add to it for 2017.

I have a whole post planned for my goals set for Monday 2 January 2017. 

Of course one of my goals is to maintain this blog, which means posting at least once a week. This of course like most good intentions will begin tomorrow the first day of the brand new year. I have tried throughout the year to be more focused on here and I have failed. 2017 will see a more focused blogger.

Not a very long post just really to remind you that I am still alive and have plans. SO, if you have the pleasure of reading this on the brink of the New Year.

Stay safe, be happy and remember where there is life there is hope.


6 Weeks Today – 2017

Promises, Promises… lol!!

There has been a sever lack of activity on the blog over the past few weeks. This is due to a number of factors. The main one being that I have been trying to organise things in the real world.

I am a terrible procrastinator (you may have noticed) so I decided to put this habit to bed by sorting and organising my bedroom. I wish I could say my bedroom is now really organised but it isn’t. By sorting my bedroom I have uncovered a number of projects and things which also need sorting or making. This is what I have been doing.

One of the things I have spent a couple of weeks organising is a world I created about ten years ago. I love World Building but with this one I got lost somewhere along the way, but I didn’t want to chuck it out. While organising my room however I uncovered the map and I saw the problem. I had to turn the world around and look at it from another perspective.

It’s funny how by looking at things from another perspective sometimes can solve what feels like an impossible puzzle.

There are 6 weeks left now until 2017. I have a few things I want to start in January. The first is maintaining this Blog and the second is organising myself with a Bullet Journal. Designing my Bullet Journal is what I will be doing today.

Between now and the end of the year I also hope to have something to show you concerning my Sleeping Beauty’s Tower Project. I have started it.

I also have a load of other ideas I want to share too… So one day this blog will be pretty interesting and not just full of unfulfilled promises.

Another issue i have had over the past few weeks is that I bought myself a new laptop. Due to this I have to reorganise all my software etc… so I have all the things I use on this one. It is almost ready.

So here is to the promise of tomorrow… and hopefully some more posts.

Welcome to Booktober

My First Monthly blog theme and my first Blog Challenge.

Hazy light, lengthening nights, falling leaves and dragons breath all signal the imminent arrival of the new season. I love Autumn, I love watching the transition between the Summer and Winter. The leaves turning beautiful reds and golds, while the sun falls lower in the sky. Conkers, acorns and fir combs gathering around the trees, while squirrels and children collect them.

The arrival of Autumn also brings with it my first monthly blog theme – BOOKTOBER.

Booktober was a tag that appeared a couple of years ago. Initially I think it was used to promote creative writing, since then I have seen it used to encourage literacy in adults as well as children. Did you know 1 in 7 adults is unable to read? I got that little fact from room to read <<<click here to view>>>. A charity that promotes the importance of education throughout the world.

My Booktober is going to focus on – BOOKS, which will also feature a  Blog Challenge as featured below. So, welcome to BOOKTOBER.



98 Days till 2017

Wow! I cannot believe we have only 98 days until the end of the year. It doesn’t feel like it has been that long since this year made it’s grand entrance. I am not going to begin reminiscing about 2016, I will save that for December but I am going to start looking towards 2017.

There are so many places I want to go and things I want to do, that I need to start preparing for them now. I do not expect to do everything in 2017 but I want to do something. One way I am going to start doing this is by keeping a “Bullet Journal”. if you have no idea what a Bullet Journal is or a “BUJO” as it is sometimes referred <<< Click Here>>> or search Pinterest. There are thousands of examples on Pinterest.

An example of a Bullet Journal from Sarcasam and SweetTea

I have been reading up on them now for the past few months and I really like this idea. I have been doing something similar to this for a few years just not as organised.There are many ways of keeping a Bullet Journal, whether it is a note book or sketch book. You can by specific organisers, filofax or diaries. So, I have decided I am going to start with an A5 Ring Binder. It is not quite a conventional Bullet Journal but I think it is going to suit my needs better. This is because I feel this will be more practical for me. I love notebooks but I always get distracted by them. I fill half of it up and by a new one and want to start writing in that. Then I start jotting down writing ideas, brain storming, useful information and before I know my journal has got lost.

Not sure whose Bullet Journal this is but I really like it.

In the run up to 2017, in the 98 days we have left. I will be preparing my version of a Bullet Journal. This will hopefully give me a use for all the stationery I keep buying and also an outlet for my excessive need to design things on Word and Photoshop.

If you are inspired and want to look at a good tutorial for a beginner… like me!! Take a look at this blog post by The Lazy Genius Collective <<<Click Here>>>.