Hello May…

April has flown by and time as they say waits for no man or woman. This post is of course delayed due to my participation in the A to Z April Challenge, I’m sure none of you mind though.

So, I’m combining what are usually two posts… Hello May… and Awareness & Special Days

May ‘s banner theme :  Finding Nemo

Nemo Banner

May’s Quote : “My goal is to create a life I don’t need to take a vacation from.”

M A Y 

Awareness and Special Days 

Below is a list of Awareness and Special Days which may or may not… inspire your any blogging blocks this month.

Month : 

National Walking Month

Share A Story Month

Local and Community History Month

Weeks : 

2nd – 8th May – Donkey Week / Family Safety Week

6th – 12th May – Real Bread Week / National Doughnut Week / Red Cross Week

8th – 14th May – Coeliac Disease Awareness Week / Mental Health Week

14th – 20th May – Dementia Awareness Week / British Sandwich Week

15th – 21st May – Vegetarian Week / Learning at Work Week / Walk to School Week

27th May – 3rd June – English Wine Week / National Canoeing Week

29th May – 4th June – National BBQ Week

Days : 

  1. May Day / Mother Goose Day / Hawaiian Lei Day
  2. World Asthma Day
  3.  –
  4.  Star Wars Day
  5.  Space Day / Day of the Midwife / Save lives and clean your hands day
  6.  –
  7. International Day of the Dawn Chorus
  8. No Socks Day
  9. Europe Day / Lost Socks Day
  10. World Lupus Day / Bike to School Day
  11. Twilight Zone Day / Eat What You Want Day
  12. M.E Awareness Day / Nurse Day / National Limerick Day
  13. National Train Day / World Fair Trade Day / National Mills Weekend
  14. National Children’s Day
  15. International Day of the Family
  16. World Hypertension Day / International Museum Day
  17. World Aids Vaccine Day
  18. Spinal Cord Injury Awareness / Great British Fish and Chip Supper Day
  19. World Goth Day
  20. World Turtle Day
  21. National Missing Children’s Day
  22. European Neighbours Day
  23.  World Hunger Day
  24. International Peace Keepers Day
  25. No Tobacco Day / World M.S Day

M is for…



“We are the Muses! Goddess’s of the Arts and proclaimers of Hero’s.”

The animated adventure of Hercules introduces the Muses as Narrators who tell the tales of Ancient  Greece in gospel choir style.

In Ancient Greece there were nine Muses but only five of them appear in Hercules.

Calliope (in the Middle) she is the tallest of the five and is the Muse of Epic Poetry.

Clio – (left of Calliope) the Muse of History.

Thalia – (far left -and plump) the Muse of Comedy, she also plays the trumpet and is known to cause mischief.

Terpsicore – (far right – struggled with her as she nearly ended up looking like Groot) – the Muse of Dance

Melpomene – (right of Calliope) the Muse of Tragedy.

The Muses are used to tell the story of Hercules throughout the movie. Their first song is the Gospel Truth which tells the tale of how Zeus defeated the Titans. The next is Zero to Hero which gives details of how popular Hercules has become and their last song a Star is Born is when Hercules is declared a true hero.


My favourite song which they feature in “I won’t say (I’m in Love)”.  Megara takes the lead in the song and the Muses appear in various forms as her backing singers. Manifesting as statues, engravings and busts.

So, that is my last drawing for the week. Below are all the drawings together on my wall.

Week 2

You may have noticed but Ed has been painted.  They look quite good on the wall altogether, though a little wonky.

Hope you are enjoying my posts.

See you on Monday for the letter N…


H is for…



Hugo is one of a trio of gargoyles who come to life in the animated feature The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was released by Walt Disney pictures in 1996 and tells the story of the lonely hunchback Quasimodo. Quasimodo is held captive in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Hugo along with his gargoyle counterparts, Victor and Lavine come to life to keep Quasimodo company. There is some conjecture as to whether they are really coming to life or if they were conjured by Quasimodo’s imagination due to loneliness. Either way they feature in the movie.

Victor and Hugo are of course a shout out to the author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Victor Hugo. I am not sure where Lavine’s name comes from?

Even though I have a soft spot for all the gargoyles in this movie I chose Victor cause he makes me laugh. Hugo is the most flamboyant and comical out of the trio. I love it when others draw Esmeralda and he draws her goat. Hugo appears to have a romantic fascination with Esmeralda’s goat, which is comical and maybe slightly disturbing.

When he is not animated his mouth is always open due to this a bird nested in it.

I hope you enjoyed my post for H… See you tomorrow for I…


C is for…


Well C has caused me a few issues, I just couldn’t get this little fellow right.  Part of the problem was actually deciding who to draw. I couldn’t decide between Cogsworth, Cleo and..

C is for…

(THE)   C H E S H I R E   C A T 


The second problem was what version of the Cheshire Cat should I draw. As you can see I went for the animated version.

The Cheshire Cat is a character popularised from Lewis Carrolls Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat is often characterised by his big grin. He is often considered intelligent and is often mischievous. Alice often finds herself engaged in perplexing conversations with grinning feline.

See you tomorrow for D…


Hello April…

Well, we certainly marched through last month and now a new month is once again upon us.  March was busy in lots of ways. I have finally got my bedroom roughly how I want it. I am not a 100% happy with it yet, which is why there is no photo, but once I am I will share.  My room is not very big so it does get cluttered very quickly.

My plans for April so far include having more blood tests and going back to the doctors… exciting.

My Quote for April is… 


Blog Theme: Disney Characters

I currently don’t have a working graphics package on my computer. I did have Photoshop and Paintshop but they have both stopped working after the latest Windows update so I am stealing images from the internet. If they happen to be your images thank you very much for producing such delightful pictures.

You may have noticed that I am also participating in the A – Z April Challenge. My theme for the challenge is Disney Sidekicks (Supporting Characters). Yesterday I published the first post in the challenge, A is for… in this case A was for Abu from Aladdin. I have drawn a little picture too. I decided I was going to kick start my drawing again with this challenge so I hope it works?

I now have a fair amount of polystyrene for my “Sleeping Beauty Tower” project. This is to help build up the sides of the base.   It consists of a metre squared mdf base with a smaller mdf square attached to that and then there is three sided box on top of that. I am turning this into a cave.


I am not sure whether this photo is big enough for you see. I have started layering some foam board to the side. I am hoping to try and make some steps to lead up to the tower. I am also thinking of making it look like a cave on a beach. Creating some sea, maybe a boat? I also acquired some lights on a string which I intend to fix in around the base so it looks like ground light.

I know it does not look like much at the moment but very soon, hopefully it will.

In Other News… 

I still haven’t read any books… Next Sunday I will do a quick update on my 101 list.

I hope you all have a good April and enjoy my A – Z challenge.


A is for… ???

A is for… Abu (from Aladdin)

Welcome to my first post of the 2017 A – Z April Challenge… How is everyone feeling? Excited… Me too!! So, what is A for…. ???

I stated that I was going to draw a “Disney Sidekick” or supporting Disney Character for each of the letters for April. A question though hung over me, how was I going to present these drawings. As I was looking through a few of my boxes I stumbled across some blank ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) I had forgotten about.  If you are unaware of ATC’s they are basically a piece of rectangular card the size of a baseball card roughly 6cm by 8cm.

My stash of ATC’s

A is for…. ABU

How can anyone not love the little furry lovable rogue, who happens to be Aladdin’s best friend.

Abu 1
Just to prove I am drawing them. 

Abu first featured in the 1992 animated Disney movie Aladdin. Abu is Aladdin’s pet monkey, as well as being his partner in crime and of course best friend.

Abu 2
Finished Pencil drawing. 

Abu happens to be attracted to anything shiny. This of course can land him in all kinds of trouble including getting himself and Aladdin stuck in the Cave of Wonders.

Abu at times can appear a little selfish and is jealous of anyone who takes Aladdin’s attention away from him. However, Abu does have a kind heart when it matters and eventually does the right thing.

Abu 3
The finished picture

I hope you like my picture of ABU… see you on Monday for the letter B…

Happy A – Z April Challenge…


Awareness & Special Days – April

Argh… It’s April tomorrow! Where has the time gone?  A quarter of the year has passed by already.

So, here is my monthly list of of things that are happening in April. These are things I come across on the internet that I find interesting.


A – Z April Challenge – My theme “Disney Sidekicks”

National Pet Month

Stress Awareness Month

IBS Awareness Month

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month


10th – 16th – Parkinson’s Awareness Week / National Gardening Week

17th – 23rd – Male Cancer Awareness Week

24th – 30th – European Immunisation Week / Family Safety Week / National Stationery Week


  1. April Fools Day
  2. Hans Christian Anderson Day / International Children’s Book Day / World Autism Awareness Day
  3.  Find a Rainbow Day
  4.  –
  5.  Star Trek First Contact Day / Pizza day
  6.  New Beers Eve
  7.  World Health Day / Walk to Work Day
  8. Draw A Bird Day
  9. National Siblings Day
  10. Nissan 14 Memorial of Jesus Christ
  11. Titanic Remembrance Day
  12. World Voice Day
  13. World Haemophilia Day
  14. National Wear a Flower Day
  15. National Skipping Day
  16. National Mother Earth Day
  17. The London Marathon / World Book Night / Shakespeare’s Anniversary Day
  18. World Malaria Day / World Penguin Day
  19. World Intellectual Property Day
  20. Tour de Yorkshire
  21. International Dance Day / International Astronomy Day
  22. International Jazz Day

Hope you all have a good April and if you are completing the A – Z April Challenge, Have a happy blogging month