We Can Fly

Aww… This is my last Peter Pan themed post for February. I honestly never realised how much I liked it until I started this theme. I am going to miss Peter…

Peter Pan’s Flight

When Walt Disney first announced that Fantasyland would be the main park in his new theme park Disneyland, Disney declared to the public “ride a pirate ship through the sky”.

In 1955 when Disneyland opened, guests did indeed ride a pirate ship through the sky, on the ride entitled Peter Pan’s Flight. Over 60 years later guests to the various Disneylands and of course Walt Disney World are still doing this today.

Peter Pan’s Flight is quite easily one of the most popular rides in the Disney portfolio. It is also one of my favourite rides. I have been on the ride 3 times (at least), at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris. I love the fact that the ride was the same in Paris as it was in Florida.

Flying over London 

To begin the ride (after you have queued – even with Fast Pass) you step inside a Pirate Ship. The Cast Member will then sprinkle fairy dust as the bar of Pirate Ship rests on your lap and the Ship takes off. As you enter the world of Peter Pan you initially find yourself flying through the nursery of the Darling Family before taking flight over the city of London as you take the second star to the right and head off to Neverland. You fly through the Mermaid Lagoon, meet Captain Hook, Smee and of course the Crocodile.


It is bright and colourful. There are recognisable scenes with so much to see as you serenely fly through the air.  The only way to describe this ride is that it is like you are moving through the actual movie.


This makes sense when you discover that the actual animators of Peter Pan created the actual ride. Walt Disney wanted the rides to be reminiscent of the movies so he wanted the animators to play a big part in creating all the rides at Disneyland. The picture above is one I took at Walt Disney World. It is the model of the Peter Pan Ride. it was hard to get a good photo as it was in a glass display case.  I am always fascinated by how things work so I really enjoyed the exhibit at the Disney Hollywood Studios.

If you ever visit one of the Disneylands or Walt Disney World make sure you take the time to go on this ride.


Second Star to the Right

On the 5 February 1953, Walt Disney released his 14th Animated Feature, Peter Pan. It is alleged that Peter Pan was one of Walt Disney’s favourite stories and had originally planned it as his second feature after Snow White. Due to various issues however it was delayed. peter-pan-swans

What do we know about the Peter Pan Disney created?

Walt Disney once portrayed Peter Pan in a production himself. After seeing a stage show of Peter Pan, Walt got to play Pan himself in a School Play. Walt apparently used to recount  a tale of Roy hoisting him up with a rope so he could fly.

In 1924 a silent movie of Peter Pan was released. It was the first time Tinkerbell was given a form. Before that Tinkerbell was always portrayed as light and a jingle bell. In Disney’s feature the animators used an actress called Margret Kelly as reference model for the cheeky little sprite. The actress also voiced one of the mermaids. sadly the rumour that they modelled Tinkerbell on Marilyn Monroe is false.

Captain Hook and Mr Darling are both voiced by the same actor.

I read somewhere that in the original Disney storyboard for the movie, Nana (the dog that was the children’s Nanny) was also meant to fly Never Land in the Darling Children.


There is a Fan Theory concerning the stars seen in Peter Pan and The Princess and The Frog. The theory is that Ray (the firefly) in The Princess and The Frog becomes the second star to the right next to his Evangeline. It would be nice if this was the case but The Princess and The Frog was set in the 1920’s and Peter Pan in the 1900’s.

The song Second Star To The Right was originally composed for Alice in Wonderland. It was called Beyond the Laughing Sky.


The Movie itself became the highest grossing film in 1953 and had 5 later theatrical releases with the last taking place in 1989. I actually remember going to the cinema in 1989 to see the film and being completely lost in the movie on the big screen. Since then it has been released on VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray.

Tale As Old As Time

I have not been to the cinema for a few weeks, so I thought I’d share a movie that I am really looking forward to seeing in 2017.

Beauty and The Beast (2017)

When I first heard that Disney were doing a live action version of my favourite Disney movie, I have to admit I was a little anxious.  Since it has been announced however I have been following every announcement and publicity shot. A couple of weeks ago the first official trailer was released and it has eased a few of my fears.

Now it really annoys me when people review trailers, so this is not a review of the trailer. It is just a few thoughts on the new movie.

I know whatever Disney does, usually turns out okay but there is always a first time.  My anxiety grew slightly when it was announced Emma Watson was going to be Belle. I am not a big Emma Watson fan, in other things I have found her more than just a little irritating. The trailer has relieved a little of anxiety, I think she is going to be okay…


One of the most exciting things about the new movie is how the objects look. I wondered if they were going to be exactly the same as the animated movie and I am pleased they have moved away from it. From what I can gather the look of the objects will evolve throughout the movie. All the objects look like they belong in a fine manor house or palace. I do love their new look especially the feather duster.


Dan Stevens is taking on the role of the Beast, which I was pleased about. I loved Dan in Downton Abbey and also a few other other things I have seen him in. The main reason I was pleased though was how much he looks like the Prince when the enchantment is broken. On the publicity stills however Beast looks like he is a little slimmer than the animated movie. It has taken me a while to get used to the new look beast. I suppose costume have had to make some changes due to practicality for the actors.

Speaking of costume – the costumes look spectacular. I feel a lot of Beauty and the Beast Cosplay happening over the next though years.

Now all we have to do is wait for the soundtrack. In the teaser trailer they used a variation of the music from the original animated movie. Now while part of me wants all the old songs in there and a complete reworking of the animated tale. There is another part of me that is hoping this movie is going to be a little darker and have a little less singing. There is a song in the Broadway Musical of Beauty and the Beast, which Beast sings as a solo that I love. A very big part of me wants that song to feature in some way, either as a song or part of monologue.

Beauty and the Beast is due to be released March 2017…

Booktober Challenge Post 5

Best book to movie.. am I right? What do you think?

B E S T   B O O K   T O   M O V I E 

Am I the only person who is usually disappointed with the movie?

I will read a book, love it, discover there is a movie or one about to come out, then I will be disappointed with the outcome. There are a few though which I have really enjoyed. The one I have chosen, I actually did the other way round. I watched the movie and then read the book.


Michael Morpurgo 


This book was first published in 1982 and adapted into a movie in 2011.

The horrors of the First World War are exposed in this uplifting tale through the adventures of a young farm horse called Joey.

I am not really a person who seeks out animal themed books or movies so i was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story.  There are parts of this story that are really moving. Following on from yesterdays challenge, I think I may have shed a tear.

What stood out to me though, was the role animals played in wars, especially World War 1. While I have always been aware of their use in war, I had never really thought about how frightened those horses were going into battle and the dangers they faced.

This story is definitely worth a read, a watch or both. One day I hope to see the stage production.

What is your Best book to movie???