What Is In A Name??? #FuturePlans

Every so often I like to share my future plans for my blog. As there is now less than 20 weeks left of 2017 I thought now would be a good time to do this.

***Important Notice ***

I am changing the name of my Blog. From October it will no longer be called “What is hoped for”.

To be honest “What is hoped for” was only meant to be a temporary name as I couldn’t think of anything else at the time. I chose that name as it is sentence from my favourite scripture – Hebrews 11.1. Also at the time that sentence summed up my blogging journey, what I was hoping for as I ventured back into the world of blogging. Over the past few months I have really tried to put more effort into my blogging and as the blog has evolved I feel as though the name does not reflect my blog anymore.

I am planning a big name reveal post… so I will not be revealing the new name today.

Future Plans 

September – “Roald Dahl Month”  Last year was a 100 years since the great man himself was born, which means this year is 101 year anniversary. As I missed last year, I will be marking it this year instead. September will have plenty of Roald Dahl themed posts – books and movies will feature quite prominently of course. I am also hoping to do some kind of art work based on one of his books for the month which I can feature.

Along with celebrating Roald Dahl there will also be mention of the illustrator most synonymous with his books – Quentin Blake. I went and saw a mini exhibition of some of his work earlier in the year and I am planning on going to another one in September.

October – Towards the end of October I am going to Disney Land Paris with my daughter who also turns 18 years this month. Last year I spent October participating in a “Book-tober” challenge. As I have planned a book theme for both September and December I don’t want to bore everyone anymore on my love of books.

October will also be the launch of my new Blog name – so maybe there might be some posts centred around that.

November – This month marks the half way point on my 101 list (101 Things in 1001 Days).  This month will mainly consist of reflections on the 101 list, achievements and plans for the future.  I am considering taking part in NaNoWriMo again this year but we will see.

December – “Jane Austen Month” – On the 18 July 2017 many fans of Jane Austen marked 200 years since her death and so did I with a little tribute post. However, December will be Jane Austen on my blog as this was the month that Jane was born. This month will of course feature book and movie reviews, mainly on the modern re-tellings or spin-offs of Jane Austen’s work. I am also planning on doing something creative for this month based on Austen’s work.

2018 – Who knows what the new year will bring – hopefully lot’s of new and wonderful things but it is too soon to plan such things yet.


Everyone loves Free Stuff and if I get over a 100 followers on my blog I am planning on doing a little giveaway.

So, that is a few of my future plans for the blog. I hope you like them.



Hello August…

Only two days into August and I am already behind. I have been having a bit of trouble with WordPress. It is performing very slowly and all my widgets disappeared. I will check that the slowness is not due to my laptop but everything else appears to be moving along okay!


Sunshine quote

“Some Days you just have to create your own SUNSHINE”

Well at the moment this quote is very appropriate as it has rained quite a lot over the past couple of weeks since coming back from Rome. Though this quote does not really refer to the weather. It refers to well being and creating happiness in your own life, or at least that is how I am going to view it.


As you know I love a theme and the theme for August will be – TRAVEL

This will also include updates on the Travel Bucket Lists as I did not get round to doing as much as I wanted in June and July. I am hoping to put some holiday photo’s on from this years trips to Rome, Naples and Pompeii.

Future Travel plans may also be discussed as well as past holidays and day trips.


I wanted to try and read 25 books during 2017. I am 4 books behind target at the moment.

I am currently reading The Bible daily – I am trying to complete it within the year. I am three days behind on my reading schedule at the moment so I hope to catch up with that over the next week.

I am also reading the last book in The Outlaw Chronicles Series by Angus Donald, entitled The Death of Robin Hood. I think there is a big clue in the title there I am disappointed to be coming to the end of such a wonderful series. I just finished the penultimate book The Kings Assassin and had to start this one straight away. It took me years to find a decent Robin Hood series. It has kept me entertained and at times has made me cry. Angus has a nasty habit of killing off characters I like but as much as I dislike it, I also admire an author who knows when it is the right time and is not afraid. Look out for my reviews coming soon.


I promise my Health and Well Being updates for August will be better than July’s. If you read my update on Sunday you will know I have not been well over the past 2 to 3 weeks with various things. I am feeling much better this week so I am hoping that it continues.


I must remember to do this….

I will get around to taking photo’s of the Bullet Journals progress. Admittedly there has not been a great deal, though I have done some.


My theme for September is Roald Dahl. As I missed the 100 years of Roald Dahl last year…. I am doing the 101 years this year. I am trying to decide on something to draw/create based on his books so if you have any ideas of which book to choose please let me know. One of my favourite books is The Boy so I might do something from that?



Its a Blogs Life…

Well my Blogging activity during the month of May has certainly taken a nose dive. I did have a few posts planned for last week but after the Terrorist Attack in Manchester on Monday night I decided that perhaps it was not the time for frivolities. Out of respect for the 22 people who died I decided that I would not post anything for last week.


Sometimes the evil that surfaces in this world just knocks me off my feet. I cannot believe that anyone anywhere can justify what that wicked man did. Targeting young children is just the most sickening thing imaginable. My heart really does go out to all those who have lost someone and those whose lives will never be the same again.

Now back to frivolities… 

Having the week free from Blogging Activities gave me a chance to reflect on how I want to move my Blog forward. Blogs tend to evolve over time and I really want this to be the best reflection of me.


I am thinking of giving my blog a “Make Over”.  I am not a 100% sure how I want to do it? I need to have a little play and see what I think might work. I do know that I want it to include my own Art Work. At the moment I am changing the Banner every month with a Disney theme. Usually the picture is from a poster or something someone else has produced. I think it would be nice if I could produce my own banner, with my own drawings or photo’s maybe…

I also want my whole blog to be more visual, more photo’s, better featured images etc…

I want something I can be really proud of. I am also planning on going though my post categories and tags etc.. Going through old posts, making it all nicer.

Monthly Themes 

I am going to stick with the monthly themes though I will be moving away from Disney. I am planning on having a Roald Dahl Month in September and a Jane Austen Month in December for example. These months will feature book and movie reviews related to that author. Hopefully some interesting facts and some artwork I have produced on the selected theme.

Slimming Sunday

Yesterday should have been my Slimming Sunday post for May. As you may or may not have noticed, it did not happen.

Last month I made a fleeting comment that Slimming Sunday was going to have a name change as this post tends to encompass a lot more than just my failed slimming attempts. I need a name that is going to reflect all the nonsense that I babble on about. I will announce the new name on Sunday. (when I have come up with it! lol!)

From June I will also be making these posts fortnightly rather than monthly. I’m hoping that this may motivate me to a bit more proactive than what I am actually being.

Lists, Lists and More Lists… 

I am trying to create my Ultimate Bucket List.

I am going to include things I have already completed in the past so I can keep track of achievements. There maybe some posts on this in the future.

The 101 List has also been a little neglected over the past few months or so. I will be looking at completing a few items on there over the next few weeks.

As well as those lists, I will be looking a other lists I can include, maybe some challenges.

Bullet Journal 

I have been really hopeless with this. I have forgotten all about it. From June I am going to have to begin this again. Expect photo’s on this…

I do have other plans but I think this is enough for one post. I am really looking forward to making this blog more me and including more of my creative side.


Slimming Sunday… Post 7

Slimming Sunday is a week early this month due to my participation in the A to Z April Challenge. I hope you are enjoying my drawings. I think I am finding my creative feet again which is good for my well-being. I have realised that having a creative outlet in my life is important so I need to make room for it. Below are all my drawings so far… 

So, far not a lot of weight has been lost. Though my clothes still feel as though they are getting looser, which is weird! Maybe they are stretching?

I have been for yet more blood tests but they have finished for now. I need to go back to the Doctors at some point for the results. A prescription came through the post the other day for Vitamin D. Mine apparently is low again.

Then as if to just put the finishing touch on a variety of problems this month – my crown has come off my tooth and I could not get a dentist appointment. I now have a hole in my tooth.

Doing this post I have realised I need to call Slimming Sunday something else because I’m not just focusing on my weight loss any more. 

P L A N S   F O R   M A Y 

During May I am going to focus on – ROUTINE.  I need to get into a routine with exercising, healthy lunches for work (I really need to get into th s), doing creative work, etc…

For the past six months or so I have suffered from a sever lack of motivation. Besides feeling unwell I think I have been depressed. In fact I know I have been depressed. I have been trying to ignore it and just carry on with things but everything has a breaking point. I hit this a couple of weeks ago. The problem is I did not realise. It has only been in reflection that I now realise what happened.

At this point I want to just add I am not desperately unhappy with my life. My life is good there are just a few aspects that I need to get rid of and currently I do not know how to do this. This is why I need to get into a routine because then maybe the bad aspects will disappear. I don’t want to say what those things are that need changing because I don’t want to ignite something I am unable to control.

In the past I have suffered from sever depression a couple of times. Reflecting on those times is hard but finding the triggers for those incidents is easy. This time it has been more subtle and has crept up on me slowly. At the moment just getting out of bed in the morning is a huge challenge. If I could find a way to live my life without ever leaving the house I would be very happy.  Being with people or near people is extremely draining for me and I’m finding it very difficult to cope.  This is why I need to set up a routine. Mental Health problems are not always obvious. Those who suffer find it difficult to talk about it and if they are anything like me it is not an easy thing to explain.

Anyway I don’t want this post to be gloomy that is not my intention.  Next months post will hopefully be more positive. You never know how I’m feeling may be due to the fact that various vitamins and minerals in my body are currently off kilter. Once these are sorted I may feel a lot better. The quote below sums up how I’m going to do things from now on. 

Things to do…

Regular Exercise – 3 times a week

Healthy Lunches for Work

Do Something Creative at least twice a week

Find my Motivation

Come up with a new name for – Slimming Sunday 

Next post end of May … with a new name (hopefully and a new look) xx 

A to Z April Blogging Challenge


A few years ago I stumbled across the A to Z April Blogging Challenge. How I found the website I cannot remember, I think it may have been through a random blog I found via Pinterest, but I cannot be sure. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

I participated for a couple of years with the exception of last year and this year I hope to do so again.

If you are a new blogger, just starting out in this huge minefield or just want to draw a little more attention to your blog. I recommend that you take part in what will be one of your best blogging months of all time.

So, what is it?

In simple terms you post everyday in April with the exception of Sunday for each letter of the alphabet. This year though the last Sunday in April is a posting day as there are 5 Sundays in April.

You can choose a theme, which I would recommend or you can go ad-hoc. Most people choose themes that fit in with there blog or interests. Some Blog’s that I have visited in previous challenges have chosen a word or a title and then wrote a story, which I always enjoy.

There is a big reveal day – though I don’t know when this is at the moment for this year. Everyone does a post on this day to tell everyone their theme for April.

I hope I have persuaded and promoted this activity enough for you all to want to join in. For more information and the Blogging Schedule. Please visit the Official website – http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

They also have a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account.

Look out for my theme reveal – Coming Soon… Hopefully!


Welcome to February

We have finally made it through January, before you know it the clocks will be going forward, summer will be here and the winter rush will be upon us once again. In the meantime though we have a little month to welcome in – February.

Here are some fun February Facts

  • February – Is the shortest month of the year.
  • In Welsh February is called “Y Mis Bach” which means – Little Month
  • February comes from the Latin word “FEBRUUM” which means purification.
  • The Saxons called February “Solmonath” which means – Cake Month. During February they used to offer cakes to their gods not eat them.
  • The Birth Stone for February is – Amethyst
  • On the 6 February 1952 – Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth 2 of England

Plans for February 

This months quote is – “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath


Sylvia Plath was an American novelist, poet and short story writer, who died on the 11 February 1963.

Banner Theme: 

You might have noticed that during January I had an image Disney’s Tangled as my blog banner. Every month during 2017 there will be a banner theme relating to a Disney Movie. There will be a variety of reasons why it will be the theme for the month and there will be blog posts relating to it.


During February the banner theme will be “Peter Pan”. This is due to the fact that the Walt Disney Company released the movie on 5 February 1953.

Other Plans 

I have no other concrete plans at the moment for February. I am hoping it is going to be a good a month and that I have discovered my re-discovered my blogging side.

There may be a post on the very slow progress of Sleeping Beauty’s Tower. I am also planning on producing some “Geek Art” we will see how it goes. Then of course there is Slimming Sunday Post 5, How much progress will I have made? We will have to see.

Hope you have a good February.


Last Post of 2016

For the past month you may or not… have noticed my absence from this blog. This is so I could concentrate on some projects that I have been ignoring for a while. It also has given me time to reflect, to grow on what I have learnt about myself during 2016 and What I Hope for 2017.

 2016 was a year of rest for me, personal growth and deciding what I a really want from my life.

I have had the rest and it has been well received. I believe I have grown as a person it may not be obvious to others but inside I feel different. The only thing I have not really concluded is what I want from my life. I suppose this has been hindered by ill health this year. There was something I really wanted to be but I due to my health I don’t think it is ever going to happen. Due to this I have had to change my plans. I have new plans and once they are finalised I will share them with you.

Like every Year I have a set of Goals I hope to achieve during 2017. Most of these are centred around my 101 List… I have 831 days left to complete my goals on that.

I have two new goals to add to it for 2017.

I have a whole post planned for my goals set for Monday 2 January 2017. 

Of course one of my goals is to maintain this blog, which means posting at least once a week. This of course like most good intentions will begin tomorrow the first day of the brand new year. I have tried throughout the year to be more focused on here and I have failed. 2017 will see a more focused blogger.

Not a very long post just really to remind you that I am still alive and have plans. SO, if you have the pleasure of reading this on the brink of the New Year.

Stay safe, be happy and remember where there is life there is hope.