The King’s Assassin #BookReview

T H E   K I N G ‘ S   A S S A S S I N 

(T H E   O U T L A W  

C H R O N I C L E S   # 7 ) 

Angus Donald 



My Rating: 5/5

The Blurb:

AD 1215: The year of Magna Carta – and Robin Hood’s greatest battle

The yoke of tyranny

King John is scheming to reclaim his ancestral lands in Europe, raising the money for new armies by bleeding dry peasants and nobles alike, not least the Earl of Locksley – the former outlaw Robin Hood – and his loyal man Sir Alan Dale.

The call to arms

As rebellion brews across the country and Robin Hood and his men are dragged into the war against the French in Flanders, a plan is hatched that will bring the former outlaws and their families to the brink of catastrophe – a plan to kill the King.

The roar of revolution

England explodes into bloody civil war and Alan and Robin must decide who to trust – and who to slaughter. And while Magna Carta might be the answer their prayers for peace, first they will have to force the King to submit to the will of his people . .

My Review: 

The King’s Assassin is the seventh and penultimate book in Angus Donald’s wonderfully gripping Outlaw Chronicles.

England is being squeezed dry while in the grip of the ruthless King John. Taxes to fund the Kings relentless war in France is causing dissent throughout the country and the rumblings of a civil war echo around strongholds.

Alan of Dale despite fighting loyally for a King he despises finds himself having to defend his home and son Robert from the hands of King John’s Sheriff of Nottingham. One night after arriving back to England from the war, Alan is a guest in his Lord’s home,  the Earl of Locksley, the notorious Robin Hood. Alan is present while his Lord entertains two noblemen from the north who have rebellion in their souls and a plot to assassinate the King. Robin dismisses the plot and vows to have nothing to do with it, however Alan who is having to defend his manor from the King’s men finds his ear more inclined to the plot. Will Alan of Dale kill God’s anointed king?

I really enjoyed reading this book. One of the things I have enjoyed most about this series is the mixture of fiction with fact. Angus Donald is a master of weaving his tales into history so much so I was almost convinced that the Earl of Locksley’s name must be on the Magna Carta somewhere, one day I will have to take a look.

If you have read the previous books you will be aware that the narrator is Alan of Dale who is recounting the tales of his Lord, Robin Hood while in his twilight years. In this book however Alan has aged quite considerably and is now resident in Monastery. A Monk who Alan taught to read and write has now taken up the mantle while Alan dictates his tales.  In previous books I have really enjoyed these little insights into Alan’s life as he has got older. Now the Monk has taken over this also writing down what Alan is doing and how his life is in the Monastery. It is a nice touch, it makes Alan feel very real and it makes me feel a little sad that Alan is unable to write his tales himself anymore.

I personally felt as though this was one of my favourite books in the series as it has set up the next book nicely. Introducing some interesting new characters and reacquainting us with some others we would have sooner forgotten.

Hello August…

Only two days into August and I am already behind. I have been having a bit of trouble with WordPress. It is performing very slowly and all my widgets disappeared. I will check that the slowness is not due to my laptop but everything else appears to be moving along okay!


Sunshine quote

“Some Days you just have to create your own SUNSHINE”

Well at the moment this quote is very appropriate as it has rained quite a lot over the past couple of weeks since coming back from Rome. Though this quote does not really refer to the weather. It refers to well being and creating happiness in your own life, or at least that is how I am going to view it.


As you know I love a theme and the theme for August will be – TRAVEL

This will also include updates on the Travel Bucket Lists as I did not get round to doing as much as I wanted in June and July. I am hoping to put some holiday photo’s on from this years trips to Rome, Naples and Pompeii.

Future Travel plans may also be discussed as well as past holidays and day trips.


I wanted to try and read 25 books during 2017. I am 4 books behind target at the moment.

I am currently reading The Bible daily – I am trying to complete it within the year. I am three days behind on my reading schedule at the moment so I hope to catch up with that over the next week.

I am also reading the last book in The Outlaw Chronicles Series by Angus Donald, entitled The Death of Robin Hood. I think there is a big clue in the title there I am disappointed to be coming to the end of such a wonderful series. I just finished the penultimate book The Kings Assassin and had to start this one straight away. It took me years to find a decent Robin Hood series. It has kept me entertained and at times has made me cry. Angus has a nasty habit of killing off characters I like but as much as I dislike it, I also admire an author who knows when it is the right time and is not afraid. Look out for my reviews coming soon.


I promise my Health and Well Being updates for August will be better than July’s. If you read my update on Sunday you will know I have not been well over the past 2 to 3 weeks with various things. I am feeling much better this week so I am hoping that it continues.


I must remember to do this….

I will get around to taking photo’s of the Bullet Journals progress. Admittedly there has not been a great deal, though I have done some.


My theme for September is Roald Dahl. As I missed the 100 years of Roald Dahl last year…. I am doing the 101 years this year. I am trying to decide on something to draw/create based on his books so if you have any ideas of which book to choose please let me know. One of my favourite books is The Boy so I might do something from that?



Emma and I

emma and I

E M M A   &   I 

Shelia Hocken 

My Rating: 4/5

The Blurb: As a girl, Sheila never let her gradual descent into blindness prevent her from trying to do everything a sighted person could do. Then at 17, unable to see to find her way around the house she grew up in, she found herself dreading her future in an ‘ever darkening vacuum’.

But then the remarkable Emma enters her life, and Sheila begins a journey that brings her the independence, love and happiness she never dreamed possible.

Emma and I is the moving and inspirational story of the unique bond between Sheila and her dog, and shows that, sometimes, miracles do happen.

My Review:

My mother read this book about 12 months ago and recommended that I read it. To be honest I was a bit reluctant as I am not into animal stories however it was not what I was expecting.

Shelia the author of her own story is truly an inspirational human being who I have nothing but admiration for. Born to a blind parents Shelia never considered her life to be abnormal.  Shelia lived the same as everyone else only she learnt to do things in a different way, she even cooked. One story that made me smile was after she left home and moved in with her friend. Her friend brought two mice and when she was away Shelia would feed them. One day though Sheila felt something soft on the work surface and believed it was one of her friends mice, so she caught it and put it back in the cage. When her friend returned home she had a shock when she saw three mice in the cage instead of two. Shelia’s independence grew after being paired with Emma, a chocolate brown Labrador.

Reading about Emma’s exploits though is at times both amazing and humorous. Emma would do things and you were left wondering how she did it? Even Shelia was left in awe at times. Emma was truly a remarkable Guide Dog.

Throughout this book Shelia openly conveys her hope and her despair, it is a roller coaster of emotions at times for the reader. I did however really enjoy reading this book and reading about how adaptable Shelia was to the circumstances in her life has helped me re-evaluate things in my life. It is a wonderful inspirational memoir and puts things into perspective. I recommend that everyone who is feeling a little low read this.

Book: 16/60 on the 101 List   9/25 – For 2017

Booktober Challenge Post 14 & 15

Two posts for the price of one…

I procrastinated so much yesterday that I ran out of time to post. I was just so tired by the time I got home, I couldn’t be bothered to move, not that I had been particularly active but I’ve had a virus. For the past week I have had a chest infection which has also included ulcers in my mouth and a sore throat. My chest though feels a little clearer today but I still have the other two. Well, that enough of feeling sorry for myself.

The two books I am going to highlight today are completely different…

A   B O O K   E V E R Y O N E   S H O U L D   R E A D

Personally I don’t like telling everyone they should read something because everyone’s opinions differ. There is one book though I do think everyone should read and that is the Bible. Everyone has an opinion on it and those that often make the most noise have never read it and take portions of scriptures that they want to use out of context. I am a firm believer of researching a subject before having an opinion on it.

I have always had Faith and daily bible reading for me is part of my life and to be honest there are times when I don’t know what I would have done without it. Understandably many people are put off by the size of the bible and about being able to understand it. If you take a little piece of it, at a time, like a jigsaw, eventually it all comes together. Do you know if you read about 3 to 5 chapters a day you would have completed it within a year? If you don’t want to invest in a bible, you can read it for free online. has The New World Translation online and also on an app which you can download. No hidden clauses or commitments. It is also put in away that is easy to understand. It has also been translated into loads of languages. Parts of it are also in audio form so you can listen to it if reading it feels to much of challenge. It is the best online bible I have found.

FACT: Did you know is the most translated website in the world. It has been translated into 537.

A   B I O G R A P H Y   O R   A N   A U T O B I O G R AP H Y

Now for something completely different….

I S   I T   J U S T   M E ? 



No Miranda, it is not just you.  I cannot put into words how much I identified with this book, it was scary!! I honestly thought I was the only person, who as a teenager was overly concerned with spontaneous combustion. It is very rare that a book can actually make me laugh out loud but this one made me laugh until tears streamed down my face. If you enjoy Miranda’s comedy then you will enjoy this book.

Booktober Challenge Post 13

A book for winter…

A   B O O K   F O R   W I N T E R

There is nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket and curling up by the fire with a good book.

This title posed a lot of questions for me, do I choose a book about winter, snow and ice or a story that reminds me of summer? In the end I decided to chose one that featured both, sort of!!

T H E   L I O N ,   T H E   W I T C H   A N D   T H E   W A R D R O B E



This is not my favourite book out of the Chronicles of Narnia even though I do love it. My favourite book in the series is actually The Magicians Nephew. I do have a fondness though for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as it was the book in the series that I read. Again I was at primary school and we read it as part of book week. I must have been happy at Primary school because when I read the books I read while I was there, I feel happy and warm.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe follows Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy as they go through the wardrobe and end up in the mythical land of Narnia. While there they make friends with talking animals and battle the White Witch and her army, while following the advice of a talking Lion known as Aslan.

So, any book that should be recommended for winter should bring the reader happy and warm memories, to keep away the dark looming nights of the winter month.


Not doing Thursdays Travels until I have finished this challenge as I think two posts of an evening is a bit much. 

Booktober Challenge Post 9

A glimpse of my up and coming to read list.

T O   R E A D  L I S T

I am only going to post part of my “To Read” List, because it could end up a really long post otherwise.

War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy (This has been on my list for ages, so I have put it on my 101 List to try and make me read it. I also brought the book to give myself a fighting chance.)

Return to Mandalay – Rosanna Ley 

After You – Jojo Moyles 

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins 

The Children Act – Ian McEwan

Northanger Abbey – Val McDermid

The Kings Assassin – Angus Donald 

The Death of Robin Hood – Angus Donald

Booktober Challenge Post 8 (Late)

Sorry this is late.. Should have posted last night.

I am so sorry I am late with this post, time got away from me yesterday and I forgot all about it. The reason for this is because we went to the Ballet last night to see Swan Lake, I will of course be posting about that at some point.

A  Y O U N G   A D U L T   B O O K


T H E   H U N G E R   G A M E S


A never really understood the concept of YA fiction until I had a daughter who became addicted to the genre. As an adult I was always a little wary of venturing in, whether I would be embraced into this world. Since taking my first steps into it I have discovered I am not the only adult who reads YA.

The book I have chosen is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This was the first YA book I read, I think? Or should that be remember. A dystopian fantasy, in which the main character is a 17 year old girl called Katniss Everdeen. Katniss ends up volunteering to be a tribute to save her younger sister Prim from going into The Hunger Games.

“The only thing stronger than fear, is hope” – The Hunger Games

The series consists of three books – The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I really enjoyed the series up until the second part of the last book. The ending disappointed me.