Lu’s Travel Bucket List

It’s really odd because I never really had any desire to travel till a couple of years ago. There were places I wanted to go to of course but did not really worry about it too much. In fact I don’t really ever think I thought much about leaving the UK. Now I spend a good few moments everyday wondering how I can get to certain places? What it would be like to live there? What job could I do there? Besides a million other questions. I know of course that the likely hood of me moving anywhere is a distant dream at the moment. I can however try and visit there.

A few years ago I decided to start a Travel Bucket List due to there being so many places I want to see and visit. I began this list on my old blog and when I ended the blog, I forgot to move the list over. So, over the past 12 months I have been trying to find time to do it again and every so often I add something new to My Travel Bucket List pages.  I have so many places I want to visit I now have 3 pages -My normal BUCKET LIST , EUROPE – BUCKET LIST & the UK – BUCKET LIST.

I have been trying to complete the Lists manually and then add them onto my blog when I remember or have time. All the lists have so many items now that I think I am going to have to create a separate page for each Continent.  I have sought ideas from websites such as Tripadvisor and Pinterest, as well other sites I happen to stumble across. However, I am still looking for inspiration and ideas.

I will be completing the other Continent pages over the next week hopefully. I would really appreciate any ideas either for places, things to do or even websites to visit for inspiration.

Thank you for your help


New For Thursday

An Idea for Thursday. Just a quick intro until next week.

Thursdays. what is so wonderful about Thursdays??? It’s the day after Wednesday and the day before Friday, a link between the middle and the end of the week.

Thursday – “Thor’s” – Day 

Yes, Thursday was really named after the Norse god of Thunder – Thor (no not Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel version). Thor was around a number of centuries before Marvel adopted him.

Thor – Photo taken at Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios. Florida 2016

Why, am I wittering on about Thursday’s ? I have no idea, but Thursday on this blog, my Blog, is going to be the day I talk about my days out, holidays, trips etc… I like to share my experiences of places. At the moment I don’t travel as much as I like, I really hope that will change in the future.


From now until the at least the end of the year. I will be sharing photo’s and experiences of my holiday in Florida.

On Wednesday 27 July 2016, myself and my daughter flew out to Orlando. We spent 21 days there, staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel for 14 nights and a hotel at Universal Studio’s for 7 nights.

We had a fantastic holiday. I want to share the things I enjoyed, also a few hiccups and maybe some stuff that may help others who are planning on taking a trip to Orlando.

So, Next Week I will tell you about our awful journey to the airport (Gatwick), missing our flight and our Walt Disney World Hotel. You know what they say, “the best laid plans”… We had a nightmare of a trip to the airport, but I will explain more next week.

Till then… Toodles x